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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

Please help me translate this

Hello, How do I translate the following properly in Chinese:

1. "Annual cost when fully realised"

2. Consist of these tiers and has been outlined in the requirement analysis communicated to Client, the annual cost when fully realised starts after tier

3. International Residency programme where participating artists would be allocated to produce artwork and activity that both support and help develop either : ....

4. The more awareness created about the residency the more funding participating artists will receive from their perspective countries/organisations of origin.

Thank you very much.

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago
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    1."年度成本時充分意識到"2.這些層的組成和要求所概述分析傳達給用戶端,成本時充分意識到的年度開始後層3.國際居住方案將分配參展畫家產生圖稿和活動的支援和説明開發或者: … …。4.更多人認識有關派駐創建更多資金參與藝術家將收到來自其角度起源國家或機構。


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