I need the help of some expert crafts/handy/artsy? anyone really..?

I want to make this:http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.192597123.j...

it's for sale on this website, but I want to make it on my own and just can't figure out a way to make it all stick together. Can anyone out there help me out with this? Just shoot some ideas at me and I'll try anything. :D thanks for the feed back.

oh by the way, if you cannot tell exactly from the picture. it's a small dirt cube, with just a patch of moss on top. it's supposed to be a paperweight, but it's based on something from the game minecraft.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can just mix sand (or sand with dirt or with brown food coloring or acrylic paint, etc) with permanent white glue (like Elmers GlueAll, tacky glue, etc), shape, then let dry a day or so. That will hold everything together. You may want to add a coat of glue or polyurethane or clear fingernail polish around the outside for extra hold if you think it's needed...some of those come in non-gloss versions, or you can sand a bit with steel wool then buff to take off some of the gloss if you want.

    You can then just glue a bit of real moss/etc or stuff from the hobby store on top, or you could simulate grass with green polymer clay or air dry clay. Texture it with wadded aluminum foil, etc. The polymer clay could be baked separately then glued on, or probably just baked on top of the dried cube. Air-dry clay may shrink a bit as it dries (polymer clay won't shrink).

    You can also use an "armature" underneath the fake soil to save clay, etc, if you want. A cube of wood or a die would work, or even a tightly scrunched shape of aluminum foil. It can be best to paint with a coat of white glue (then dry) if the surfaces are too slick though.

    You could also use polymer clay for the whole thing... check out this page especially on how to simulate all kinds of dirt, sand, natural materials, using those "inclusions" or others mixed into "Translucent polymer clay" from this page at my site:

    http://glassattic.com/polymer/inclusions.htm (click especially on "Play Sand, Pigments, Dirt, etc" and on "Spices, Herbs, Etc")

    ...here are just some examples of the latter:

    http://www.clayfactoryinc.com/images/gallery/marie... (click on all pages)


    Diane B.

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    9 years ago


    best way to go i think is to find a cube the size you want (wood, plastic, polystyrene) cover the dirt sides in glue and press the glue bits into some sand. and if you go to a shop that sells model railway stuff. you can get bags of all sorts of soil, grit and sand. they should also have grass, moss and even trees you could stick on it.

    hope that helps.


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  • 9 years ago

    It is not 'real' dirt or 'real' grass.

    Go to any hobby or craft shop. Buy a block of wood the size you want.

    Cover it in white glue, dip most of it in craft sand or cleaned beach sand.

    For the top, get any type of fake greenery sold at craft stores or hobby/train shops.

    I'd LOVE to know what they are selling this for. It is about a 10 minute project.

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