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What shower curtain should i get?

I am moving into my first apartment, where I am not allowed to pain the walls. My bathroom is very plain (mostly white). Can someone help me find a bold shower curtain and give me some decorating tips??? Thank you!

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    You're thinking along the right lines already. Your walls are white so you need to bring in the color. Before you pick a shower curtain decide what colors you want in the bathroom....because you'll want to accessorize with color coordinated things (the glass toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotion bottle thingies are very inexpensive at Walmart or Target). You can then match a bath rug and find a picture or wall hanging that picks up the colors you chose as well.

    If you are on a budget then look in the clearance section of all the stores for things you can use. Also (unless you are insulted at the thought...I'm not lol) go to your local goodwill store because they have incredible deals on paintings, lamps, wall decor, and so forth. I purchased to pictures last time I was there that were the exact colors I needed and they were still in the original packaging. They cost me $25 each and one was marked $99.99 and the other was $79.99.

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