How long would it take an attorney to settle a case?

I was watching this show about attorneys just awhile ago, and it showed that it took a few weeks, but it was all condensed into an hour show. And by a few weeks I mean that 1 case took maybe a month. So now, I'm wondering. How long does it really takes to settle a case?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Anywhere from five seconds to never, depending upon the facts of the individual case.

  • Teekno
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    That really depends on both sides. Sometimes an agreement can be reached in a matter of hours. Sometimes it can take years.

    Heck, my divorce settlement negotiations took seven months. But if you filmed all of the time I spent with my lawyer, and all of the time she spent with her lawyer, and all of the time that we spent together, you could easily fit it into an hour TV show with room for commercials and a teaser: "Next Week on 'World's Most Boring Show'"

  • It can be a few weeks, months even years depending on the type of case.

  • amerio
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    4 years ago

    there is not any regulation on the time for a reaction. in certainty they do never could respond. given which you have an lawyer nevertheless does no longer it make experience to be asking him/her fairly of Y/A ?

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