Will my polymer clay items stick to my cookie sheet when i bake them?

I'm using kato polyclay. I have to bake my makings for 10 minutes but i do not have oven safe wax paper. Would my sculptures stick to my unprotected cookie sheet? It says nothing about what to bake it on, on the label.

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are various things you can use as a baking surface under raw polymer clay.

    You can just lay your items directly on the metal baking tray but there will be a shiny spot anywhere the very-smooth metal surface touches the clay (the same would be true for other very smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic tiles, aluminum foil, etc). Baking directly on smooth surfaces may result in the clay sticking a little, but it can easily be twisted, pried, or just lifted off as long as the surface is flat.

    It's best to keep the baking tray/etc as something stiff that allows you to move the clay back and forth to the oven without disturbing it, but put something on top of the metal/etc to avoid the shiny spots.

    Some possibilities would be:

    ...ordinary blank paper (paper burns at 451 F which is way lower than polymer clay would burn... after many uses, the same piece of paper might begin to brown a bit, but wouldn't burn unless it were really close to coils or sides of oven where the temp would be much higher)

    .......also index cards, parchment paper, most paper towels, etc

    .......a sheet or "nest" of tissues/Kleenex (that's still technically paper/wood, remember), or cotton fabric ... natural materials tend to tolerate high temps

    ...a wad of polyester stuffing

    ...a pile of baking soda, or cornstarch, or some other powders

    You *could* use waxed paper, but the wax will probably melt onto the clay (not a huge problem, but probably don't want that) and wax will ignite much faster than the paper its embedded into.

    For more info on baking polymer clay and using the materials mentioned above, keeping the clay from darkening (though not as much of a problem with Kato Polyclay), and even more ways to cure polymer clay, check out the Baking page at my polymer clay "encyclopedia" site:



    Diane B.

    Source(s): more on all aspects of polymer clay: http://glassattic.com/polymer/contents.htm .
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    Source(s): Ultimate Woodworking Guide http://WoodworkingProjects.enle.info/?0WDB
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  • 9 years ago

    Paper DOES burn, especially wax paper. Turn your cookie sheet over and bake right on the metal sheet. It will be fine. If you bake right on the cookie sheet inself, then the cookie sheet should not be used for food again. That is why you turn it over. Always preheat your oven to the manufacturers suggested temperature and make sure that your oven is accurate. Use an oven thermometer.

    Source(s): I am a Canadian Sculpey Polymer Clay mail order supplier and teacher. www.polymerclaycanada.com
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  • 9 years ago

    I would use foil or any kind of paper on the cookie sheets to protect them.

    Paper does NOT burn until temperature is about 800 F or something like that, so you don't have to worry about that.

    • Sena5 years agoReport

      Book paper burns at 451°F thus the book title :-), but that is still way higher than the recommended temperature for baking polymer clay. It might brown or become brittle from drying out but won't burst into flames.

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