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What do you think of this sibset?

Harper Samuel (17) He was named Harper after my dad's good friend who died in a car accident.

Ramsey Lewis (14)

Riley Alexander (14) < Me

Malcolm James (12)

John Daniel Jr. "Jack" (9)

Helena Quinn (He-lay-na) (5)

Blair Madison (3)


Piper Grace (7 months)

Benjamin Robert "Benny" (7 months) After maternal grandfather Robert Benjamin.

William Michael "Will" (7 months) After paternal grandfather.

What do you think of Harper, Ramsey, Riley, Malcolm, Jack, Helena, Blair, Piper, Benny, and Will?


No this is my real family.My parents are insane.

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  • Amy
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    I like!! Favourite names are Harper Samuel, Blair Madison, Piper Grace and Benjamin Robert.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I like them all Except Helena, I really like Harper, Ramsey, Riley, Blair & Benjamin!

    Your parents wanted a large family, and that's what they want, they're not insane. And people won't believe you when you say theres twins & triplets in your family. But I have friends (People called them trolls on here too) that have 2 sets of twin siblings and then Lennon himself, his fiance was expecting twins. And they had triplet nephews (But that was with the help of IVF). But twins are genetic, 2 sets of twins in your family and twins yourself is rather possible, as is twins & triplets. Look at the Gosselins, Twins & Sextuplets. Or the Hayes' With 2 sets of twins & sextuplets.

    I wish I Had a lot of siblings............I have 1 very annoying little brother (I am 13)

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    Fave names are Blair, Piper and Harper. I think Harper would fit a girl better though. Same with Riley. It is more common on girls now. Sweet that some names are after special people in your life.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I LOVE the name Harper for a boy! I've already used it twice in my writings. I think it's funny too that Harper and Piper have a way of always being together in the same family. I like this sibset.

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    To answer your question I have two kids my first is a girl her name is a big one Kathy Rose Ann Marie and as for my son his name is Jake Ryan Tyler , so be happy that you were'nt named Blanket or Prince.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm thinking its not a real family, but I could be wrong...

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