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Am I going to die? Help!?

Okay now I keep asking this same question but now I'm really concerned. So I have continuously thought I have sporadic fatal insomnia, but now I think it's different. Because I started having constipation just 2 days ago, and I read that's a symptom. Along with me having small difficulties now and then falling asleep. In addition I had a small muscle twitch in ny upper right thigh and I'm scared that I thought about it too much that now I have it. So please did I get it by thinking of it too much and do I have it, and am I going to die? Can you get SFI from thinking about it too much. I'm 17 years old and terrified...please help.

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    9 years ago
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    NO YOUR NOT GONNA DIE! Your fine,your over thinking and thats why your feeling scared and having this fear of dying. The more you think,the more you get scared,the more you get scared your body feels numb,or strange things,like your having some problem,or you feel sick,your heart beats fast. Its what your making yourself feel by overthinking.I have been through it,so i know how you feel. I am 18 and last year i had tail bone injury,it hurted like hell for the next 6 monts but did i die? No. When i was 4 i had sevior asthema. I was more in hospital than in home those 2 years.did i die? No. I don't have asthema now. Its 4:30 am in my country and i am still unable to sleep. So i know insomnia better than anyone else. Just relax.take a deep breath. Let go all the fear. Feel the love of GOD.when i feel scared,or sick or have any problem i pray to GOD. And all my fear goes away like this.just give your faith to GOD.GOD IS THERE TO PROTECT You. Feel the love,warmth, and blessing of GOD.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The best thing is to do a full check up if you have many symptoms...after the doctor assures you that your fine...stop reading about these things!..when we were trying to have a baby..I used to have the symptoms of pregnant women..the lesson here stop over thinking and enjoy your life! (:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    it might be tardive dyskinesia

    im not an expert but your muscle movement is probaly that

    it is if you cant stop moving your muscles

    its like a muscle disorder

    more symptoms include puckering

    arm and leg jerking ang more

    if its tardive dyskinesia you are not going to die

    but tardive dyskinesia is permanate and doesnt go away

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