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How can anyone be proud of a legacy/economy based on Gro's, street corner hos, sex tourism & work contracts?

Anyone who can't see the 10 yr old prostitutes sitting on the curbs in Mnl is in denial. The government and their agents take a share of profits from this and the work contracts of underage girls and bars that are thinly disguised fronts for prostitution. What crap to pretend that many of the general population doesn't know this and profit from their daughters and nieces selling head & butt.. What a joke..


@TM; Because I couldn't compete with your relatives here and in your other country.

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    The "Wittless" Spamless troll who evisions millions being "chained to a bed" is clearly acting out his own fantasies. Being he is the only one who mentioned the use of restraints. And clearly has never walked up M. Ignacia street from Quirino to Pedro Gil and seen a group of girls sitting on curb under watchful eye of a pimp. "Hey Joe, you want chick? Any age" The same in Davao behind Gaisano's.

    Some are homeless but most sold by family or simply directed to do as "tito" tells them. Many live with their family near the corner where they are displayed like meat in a super mart. And I see "Wittless" give a lengthy explanation of why its ok to sell these girls. Maybe they done that to him when he was 10? Trying to divert the subject to the hard work of some pinoy and how nice it is to arrange tricks in an aircon bar. Diverting the subject is one of Dr Samanow's 36 "Criminal Thinking" errors. Could this be the tactic of one of their customers?

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    "....millions of 10 year old prostitutes chained to beds abused by foriegners. " is nothing more than the delusional rants of western feminists and other marxist communists who get some perverted delight in spreading these sexual fantasies.. and use these lies as a basis for funding, grants or other total waste of taxpayer money directed to subversive feminist groups.

    imho, the filipino guys working on road crews, or construction, working 12 hour days in 100F heat, for $5 to $10 dollars a day are far more abused and exploited than some clever girls who get paid more than that to sit in a nice aircon bar for a few hours, drink beer and occasionally break out a dance or sing kareoke.

    if guys could get paid to sit in cool bars at night, get paid for each beer they drink, sing and dance drunk, and sleep around with chicks who give them generous gifts... half the world would work in bars.. lmho

    Source(s): running dog yankee imperialist, etc, etc.. lol
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    they are only proud cause they are making money and getting trade there you like i said there economy was built off the backs of underage girls and sex you could try to start a resistance and kill the trade yourself by doing stuff like taking nuns or monks or any religious personal over there and that would probably discourage people from that kind of sick behavior you also might want to throw stinky things at the prostitutes i know that would sound kind of mean but they wouldn't be picked up by the jons after that win win they lose money and thus there business is gone

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    Why don't YOU go and sell your body on the streets of Manila ??!!!

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