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Where should I job in lebanon PA?

I just got a great government job in Lebanon PA and cant pass it up. Its a gs9 job and in todays economy is a great opportunity. Im looking in all the forums and the pictures of lebanon I hope im mistaken but it looks like kind of a dump. Whats the best place to live in this area? Should I stay in Lebanon or move to Palmyra, Annville etc. I dont want to be around a lot of crime and i want to stay close to work at the lebanon VA. I want to live in a nice place in a farmlike community but not spend too much money because im starting a new family. My salary is going to be around 50k. Thanks for all your help.

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    Lebanon is a toilet, Another PA city ruined by section 8 housing (and the New York City gangsters who live in it). The suburbs are nice. Palmyra and Anneville are both better picks. Stay on the outskirts of ANY town in that area. the country side is still full of mostly decent farm folks. the towns are filling up with drug dealing city scumbags.

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    You are right the City of Lebanon is a dump. The rest of Lebanon County, however, is okay. Annville is a college town, so it's okay. So is Jonestown and Cornwall. Look for places that aren't in towns and it will definitely be farmlike.

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