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Some jackass used an emergency siren-sound from his mobile. Guy got jumped, did he deserve it?

Some jackass used an emergency siren-sound from his device( Couldn't exactly tell what he used to play it. ). Guy got jumped, did he deserve it?

Some guy thought it was funny to play a real sounding emergency siren-sound near the capital building in Wales. People actually started to worry and I saw people running. The sound it made, it was pretty loud. He was among his friend, his friends yelled something in the lines of terrorism and shootings. Whatever he said, he got many people's attention. But it didn't take too long for a few people to find out that the sound was coming from someone's device. He got jumped / beaten up. Do you think that he deserved it?

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    Do you think the people who were scared to death when someone starts yelling "terrorist attack" deserves their panic?

    I expected to see a question like this one day after reading about the new siren apps on mobile phones.

    It goes to show us that some people really don't think about the ramifications of their own actions.

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    Yes he deserved it. It's the same as yelling fire in a crowded building.

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    This depends on what the state and federal and local laws say about this matter.

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