Brothers/Sisters in Christ...Is it not sad and eye opening to hear so many say...?

"I say my prayers every night, (or every morning); I know God is on my side..."

So many truly believe they are justified with God because they believe He is there, and they pray to Him on that basis alone, never knowing God's saving grace through faith in "The Word"...Who is Jesus Christ. (John 1: 1-14)

They will say 'I believe in God" but the Bible cannot be trusted.

So many deceived by the Great Deceiver.

Do you tell them the Truth in love, when they will listen?

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    Hey! I was in the "word of faith" bunch for more years than I like to admit and no one could tell me anything. It wasn't that I didn't have a teachable spirit - I did. I just wasn't spending enough time in the Word to know -for myself- what is True.

    I really think the best thing we could do is pray for them. Who knows? Maybe someone was praying for me to get out of that mess into a real relationship with Jesus. OR...if you feel really strongly to minister to someone based on experience, stepping up with a gentle "I used to believe this until I learned that" might by God working through you. Just don't take it personal if they don't listen.

  • ?
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    10 years ago

    Yes it is sad. Very. Satan believes in God also. Very much so. Doesn't save him. Well, they do believe rightly, that God IS there. Because He is. Too bad they don't trust in Jesus Christ and His redemption, found in the bible.

    I thought, from your wording of the details, that you were inferring about mormons. They say they believe in "God", but really mean they believe in Joseph Smith's version of a god of his own making. Yet they can't tell the difference, and think everybody else is wrong. Because Smith told them we are wrong and he was right, and if they don't believe that they go to hell. So they believe it.

    He also implied the bible cannot be trusted, yet his work can be. One man engineers a book and calls it scripture. Hundreds of scholars translate a book and call it scripture. One book is known by a man's name. One book is known by what it says, that God's never-failing promises work in any circumstances. (Why does the book of mormon hold sway only over mormons who choose to believe it through their feelings? Why does the bible work---for everyone, with or without feelings? Depends upon who wrote which, it seems.)

    God gives some over to their own delusions. In other words He allows them to taste the entire cup, filling them with their own chosen brand of vileness in hopes of making them recognize they are so sick from their religion they will turn and recognize it for what it is, then see the value of Him? Or does He give up on those who refuse to trust Him, to face challenging why they believe what they believe outside the boundaries of where they are allowed? I've often wondered.

    I tell them the truth in love whether they understand and recognize it as such or not, whether they listen or not. God told me to speak. He didn't promise results, kudos, blessings, friends, or open ears. Okay.

  • Pamela
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    10 years ago

    you're right-

    there are many who enjoy their own safe version of God-

    who doesn't ask them to make the tough choices or

    change anything about their behavior-

    who invites them to just do their best to be a good person

    but just like the unbeliever who knows all the facts and still rejects them-

    so the 'lukewarm Christan' must also be convicted of their sin

    if they are to experience Jesus in any life-renewing way

    both require gentle and patient witness from strong believers-

    we can show them the God-life that's possible with Him-

    but only He can truly change their hearts

  • Rene
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    10 years ago

    Nobody has ever told them about Jesus is being more than just someone up in Heaven. He's a personal savior. Until they feel that bond, they will never know.

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  • 10 years ago

    "My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right."

    Source(s): Abraham Lincoln
  • Ethan
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    10 years ago

    Do you have self-awareness of how lame you are?

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