How do I became an exchange student?

I watched this kid on tv and he became an exchange student in Mexico. At that moment on I Was like I wanted to do that too. I really want to go to japan and study there for a year. I am 15 years old and don't know a word of Japanese. I am NOT going to japan because of anime. I believe that is a stupid reason. Japan is a wonder culture and want to learn more about it. So how do I get started and how much will it all cost? Thank you and you will help me a alot.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Im trying to become an exchange student in Japan also. I have a slight interest in anime but that is most definitly NOT the reason I want to go, I really respect and love Japans culture. :) I also just like the language itslf.

    I would recommend looking into the program called AFS, its the program im hoping to go through. They offer Semester, Trimester, and Year exchhanges. (Also you can do a summer exchange). The cost is around 11,000 or a year and 8,000 for smester programs.

    I would also recomend looking at some Japan Exchangers blog, trust me, it helps, lol.

    Another great thing to look into is YFU, its a diff program you could use to go abroad in Japan through. It costs a couple thousand more, though. (lol ill just throw a couple thousand in there as if its a couple bucks).

    And about the Japanese thing, you should probably learn the basics before you go such as Hiragana and Kataana. (Two of the three alphabets) But dont get your hopes up with Kanji! XD Im 13 so ive got 2 years to study before I g

    Source(s): If you actually read that whole thing the good for you, your really determined. XD Good Blogs: My blog: Japannese Language Learning sites: (They have videos on YT) (Its just like Rosetta Stone, but free) (Another Rosetta Stone clone haha) I wish you good luck in your (hopefully) succesfull journey! Oh and im sorry for this being ssoooo long, hehe! >:D
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    To be an exchange student and go to japan you need atleast two years experience of learning the language. It costs dependin on where you like 8000-1500 dollars (australian dollars)

    that is all depending on how long you go there for etc.

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  • 4 years ago

    Your perfect guess is to discover a college that has a sturdy exchange software and that i desire to propose which you flow overseas on your sophomore or junior year of school. some faculties truly require that from what I undergo in ideas. this form you get somewhat some your center instructions out of how.

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