Does this sound like a throttle position sensor problem?

So I have a 1993 mercury grand marquis. My cousins a mechanic and about a year ago the check engine light came on so we did a blink test and it gave throttle position sensor codes. Now my check engine light has been back on and he did the test and it gave the same code. He said he doesn't think its the tps again. My car has also had trouble going into gear before (its automatic). Now my car is having problems when i shift into drive or lose momentum and have to go. The car revs but doesn't go and then all of the sudden jerks and goes causing the wheels to squeal. So I was wondering if you thought it was the tps again, transmission or what else it may be?

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  • Gary
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    10 years ago
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    First check trans fluid should be full and pinkish, if not and brown smell it if has burnt smell trans replacement time, if not burnt try trans. service. Also some have modulator on trans above rear of pan could be bad, has vac line on it disconnect, see if any trans fluid in line. When you do blink test only gives codes, you need an OBD scanner so sensors can be read for values to see if all are operating correctly. Also check for any vacuum leaks on engine and for any cracks in intake plenum hose. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): ASE master auto tech ret.
  • 10 years ago

    sounds more like the low pressure clutch pack in the transmission. I had the reverse one go in a car I had, and you had to be over half throttle before it would reverse, and then it would suddenly take off as you described. If it's a band type auto, it may just need adjustment.

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