Toyota celica good first car?

Ok so I plan to buy a car in November and ive been looking at a bunch of cars. One that really caught my eye was a 2000 Toyota Celica ! I wanted to know if these are good first cars. Are they reliable ? Im looking to spend about 6-7k$ These fit that price range. I want one because there sporty looking at they look like a fun car to drive ! How is gas and how will insurance be? I have USAA insurance and my Dad said that we get really good prices. So just let me know what you think about this car and if I should get one !


I Live in WA ! Sorry forgot to ad that !

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yea spending 7K on a 10 year old car is quite expensive. Would recommend to keep your options open and keep looking for more celicas. Try craigslist and even try expanding your search area into nearby towns cities that you would be willing to drive to. But it could be worth spending the 7K if your buying the Celica GTS. If your looking for speed and working on the car, upgrading, mods then this model is for you. If not you should be able to find a Celica GT auto for about 5K.

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  • 8 years ago

    The previous person is right. i have a 2004 toyota camry and its worth about 6k before my mods and maybe, maybe 7k after the mods (wheels etc.). you'd be paying too much money for that car. I can tell you this, go for the toyota camry! a 2004/2005 is one of the most reliable cars and also is one of the top picks for the last eight years! it runs like a charm and even had good get up and go when wanted ;) it's style is rivaled only to american muscle cars but they get so little gas as opposed the this which gets 23 city/30 hwy. Keep in mind that if you get a cheap car from a private seller, you can always buy it for real cheap and then take the extra 4k and put it into making new (paint job, wheels, headlights, exhaust system, etc.). If you really have your eye set on that Celica, either talk the price down or just go to a private party and buy one for a lot cheaper! Itd be totally worth it! Hope i helped!

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't know where u live but for 6 or 7 k a 2000 celica is expensive. Check private for sale ads in your area. Look at mileage & history plus carfax. Before u buy ask the ins. company if the car is good on ins. an example is like a sporty car may cost more. Only the ins. agent can advise u. Don't jump into any car without some information about it. Check to see if title is good & not salvage. good luck.

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