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Gary Russell wins on Khan-Judah undercard: Look out for highlights?

Dan Rafael's take on the fight:

"Gary Russell Jr., with insane hand speed, with 80-71 shutout of Eric Estrada. Russell one of the best prospects I have seen in a long time."

He must be seeing what me and other people have been. This kid is GOOD. Look out for the highlights if you have never seen him before.

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    Keep him away from Friday Night Fights! That show seems to be taking down prospects left and right.

    Hard to tell much from a fight like tonight, other than that he's got a lot of God-given ability. His handspeed was pretty impressive, not sure he's much of a pure puncher though. Between Russell, Mikey Garcia, and Adrien Broner, it looks like we finally have some decent American prospects in these lower weight classes.

    Kirkland won as well, no highlights though sadly. Hoping for an Ishida rematch before the year is through.

  • Russel was pure class out there.

    My only concern is he didn't really mark Estrada up, he didn't look like he was going to knock him out at any point despite the enormous gulf in class. However, I got the feeling that if it was necessary he could've turned up th gas.

    Great combo puncher, great accuracy, GREAT SPEED. My god, the only man in the entire card with faster hands was Kahn!

    Also, notice him part way through a round hear an instruction from his corner and say "ok" with his opponent live and infront of him? Pure focus.


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    He looked good, but we will see what he is really made of when he moves on up in class.

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    Judah should win !

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