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Do you organize books by author or title?

I always organize them by title, with exceptions where I order some of them by genre or series. However I wonder if I should do it by author.

When I have hundreds of books in book shelves, would it be a good idea to do it by author? What if I organize it by type of book, size, and by author?

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    I organize by author. If you organize by title, you'll have the books all over the place, but if it's by author, then they're all grouped together so you don't have to go hunting when you want to read a series.

    Source(s): I work in a used bookstore. : )
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    I think I would do what most libraries do. For example: fiction than genre: mystery or romance, title and author (last name then first) If you have a series by the same author organize them by title skipping small first words like The and A and going right to the main title words. Nonfiction: genre: reference or biographies. title and author.

    If you have over sized books such as large coffee table art books than you may need to put them in an area that fits those particular sizes. For home libraries it's really up to the user. Hope that helps.

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    Always by author - and especially if you read multiple books by the same author. Consider the circumstance when you can't remember the book's title. And having them by author keeps them in a system like every formal system in libraries and bookstores. By genre and then by author. And for those odd spaces, or larger books, well I always have a couple of 'display' shelves where I keep the odd-size books. Size should matter unless it doesn't fit on a shelf.

  • I organize them by height. I may have a weird OCD-quirk. I don't care about genre or author. It always has to be by height for me. All the books on the left end of the shelf are taller than the ones on the right.

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  • Jane
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    definitely author. cause sometimes u can't help but want to read a certain type of book and so u look for the author who often writes about those certain types of genre

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    The latter is the best.

    My library is organized by genre, author, and sometimes size.

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    it's usually a mix of organizing. i group books by the same authors together (because their books tend to be all the same type/genre), then group those by types/genres.

    when you have several bookcases then i would probably group them by genre/type vs. author

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    I organize them a-z by author and if you have several different books by this author I would order them a-z by title. So then they aren't just scrambled anywhere.

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    In the bookstore I work in, they're alphabetical by author. At home, they're grouped by author and then in the series order as well.

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    My school organizes book by the first three letters of the authors surname.

    (e.g) J.K. Rowling would be ROW

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