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Volkswagen Jetta TDI or Toyota Prius?!?

Driven the TDI jetta and totally liked it, but I'm also curious about the Prius.

Both have somewhat comparable fuel economy, price, and power.

However, which one will be the better one for reliability, power, maintenance costs, day to day in town driving AND long trips on the highway?

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  • JerryJ
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    Get the Prius. I've had both and the VW TDI is a horrible car:

    1. Engine blew at 80K. 22:1 compression and lightweight just don't belong in the same sentence. Leave diesel to the big rigs.

    2. Cost 22 cents per mile for dealer maintenance alone (not including the blown engine) over the 95,000 miles I kept it. Had to be towed three times (not counting the blown engine)

    3. It's really small.

    4. No power at highway speeds.

    5. Every fill is a smelly mess.

    6. Keep it outside because starting it in the garage stinks up the entire house.

    7. About the mpg. Diesel fuel costs between 10% and 20% more than regular gas depending upon the time of year so you have to subtract that from the mpg to get the equivalent of a car that uses regular gas.

    Summary: The VW TDI was the most disappointing car I've ever had--never again.


    1. It's a mid-sized car so there is plenty of room. Amazing how people have to compare the Prius to a much smaller car to get anywhere near the mpg.

    2. Cost has been 12 cents per mile for dealer maintenance, tires and fuel combined over the 120,000+ trouble-free miles I've driven it so far.

    3. Off the line, the TDI and the Prius are about the same, but accelerating from highways speeds, the Prius has way more power. The TDI just sits there.

    4. Uses regular gas.

    5. Long distance trips are fine. Here's from last year's vacation:

    Date_________ODO____INC____MPG (l/100km)

    --- Trip to NE starts here

    08/13/10____111690____625____59.8 (3.9)

    08/14/10____112308____618____60.0 (3.9)

    08/20/10____112972____663____64.2 (3.7)

    08/22/10____113411____438____58.9 (4.0)

    08/31/10____113922____510____61.8 (3.8)

    --- Trip to NE ends here

    6. Overall mpg is fine too:

    2004 Prius MPG from the logbook. (Complete years only):

    2003-2004 -- 50.8 mpg 17,628 miles

    2005 -- 52.6 mpg 14,688 miles

    2006 -- 56.3 mpg 16174 miles

    2007 -- 57.3 mpg 18384 miles

    2008 -- 59.9 mpg 21755 miles

    2009 -- 61.4 mpg 16177 miles

    2010 -- 65.2 mpg 12134 miles


    The Prius is one of the most exciting and fun-to-drive cars I've ever had. The 2001 Prius that my wife drives has been great too. And based on the owner satisfaction ratings, my good experiences are not unique.

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    Jetta Tdi Vs Prius

  • cimra
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    The TDI is the way to go for long highway trips, but make sure you know what you are getting into maintenance wise with a VW, such as: 60K timing belts, plastic water pump impellers, the Prius will be cheaper to maintain and have higher resale value.

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    The Prius has a stigma attached to it, everyone will call you gay for driving it. There is even a VERY funny video about it seen here:


    Source(s): The Raven
  • Bill
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    The Jetta is probably the best choice overall but there is nothing wrong with a Prius.

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    The Jetta TDI is the better car.

    -It's tank lasts longer for road trips

    -it's better made than the Prius

    -it's better styled/easier to see out of the rear

    -It doesn't have that Prius sound/stigma

    -More smiles per gallon (fun to drive)


    -140-hp and loads of torque

    -More room for people and stuff

    -Wagon available

    Go with the V-Dub.

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