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Marylu asked in TravelUnited StatesOrlando · 10 years ago

Can Americans be apart of the Tourismo groups from Brazil that go to Disney World, FL?

I know it seems like a dumb question but I want to know. I went to Disney World last summer and this summer in July and I noticed them there. They were annoying but they had fast passes to like every ride, so I wanted to know more about them and I wrote down the names of the various groups and looked up their prices and everything. The tour was like $1500, including hotel, flight from Brazil, tickets to every park, breakfast, etc. That's really good, so I asked my mom if I could do it. I would love to travel to Disney World in a group like that, it seems fun, and since I'm a rising senior, I don't have that much time left. I didn't notice any American groups that's why I was asking about the Brazilian groups. I would have to learn some Portuguese of course, but that's not a problem.

So is it possible?


haha, I would be offended but I know what your talking about. They eat and they leave their trash alone. They weren't rude to me. This lady told us to hold her seat at Epcot because her daughter was about to wet herself. So we were sitting and they tried to sit down, and I said no, people are sitting there, then another couple of girls picked up the lady's tray and I started yelling. Then I rolled my eyes at all of them lol. But they seem happy with friends, that I what I want to be apart of. My friends are all cheap and wouldn't go there and I want to meet new people. I know it could be the same but still it's cool, and I wake up late to go to the parks anyway so that would be good for me. By the time I get there, all the fast pass are gone, even for Jungle Cruise,

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    I am sure that there is no legal obstacle to joining a group. However, you can be certain that these groups pay exactly the same for Disney, Sea World or Universal as do the rest of the public. Sure they have been able to work out special combinations for resorts and food and maybe they get some break for the airfares. They get the same deals as the endless number of sports and cheerleading groups that come almost every day to Disney. Being from Brazil has nothing to do with this.

    BTW Portuguese is not that easy a language to master. Most think it is tougher than Spanish.

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    They get fast passes just like anyone else, however instead of all 200 standing at the FP machine, they send a couple of adults with a stack of tickets to get the FPs. However, most of the time they just cut the line and have been know to physically assault other guests to get through lines. It has gotten so bad that 2 of the biggest tour groups have been banned.

    Why in the world would you want to visit WDW with a group of obnoxious teenagers who have no respect for others or the country they are visiting?

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