Is it proper to call African Americans black people?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The title 'black people' has had a negative meaning for so long in society from history that it seems like it isn't good to call black people 'black people'. However, 'Black people' is just like saying 'white people'..or even 'yellow people' which people don't really use.

    If people were to stop and think about it, the title 'black people' can be vague and can not be vague, for an example, a black person who is truly 'black', it's okay to call them a black person, without saying it in a negative way. Certain black people are brown, but people don't call brown-black people 'brown', they just call them all 'black people'. White people on the other hand are mostly white....however, some have a pink tone but people don't call them 'pink people'. White people were the ones who called Africans 'black' in the first place, that's where the term 'black people' came from. But now everyone calls black people 'black people'. Even black people who have very light skin, they call them 'black people' or 'light skinned black people'. People feel like they have to acknowledge the fact that light skinned black people are not 'black people' but 'light skinned black people'. Black people who are 'brown' are often ignored. I am a medium-skinned black person, meaning I am not 'black' and not 'light skinned' but in the middle, but people ignore those types of black people, which are brown black people or dark brown people, however you wanna call it.

    "African Americans" is just as vague as calling all skin toned black people 'black people' because in the USA, you have Jamaican-Americans, Haitian-Americans, Nigerian-Americans, African-Americans, etc, but white people and some black people call every single black person an African American when not every black person is of African descent. They do this for two reasons: Because they think calling someone a black person is bad because of slavery and the history of black people in the old days and because most white people think that every black person in the USA is of African descent.

    I explained this to you for you to have a better understanding. I didn't feel like I couldn't answer this as a 'Yes' or a 'No', some questions' answers have to be explained for certain questions.

    In my opinion....I believe that it's okay for people to call a 'black person' a black person just as long as they are not saying it in a negative way. It's tricky because I said this before, that black people come in different shades, not just the color 'black'. It's also tricky because when someone calls a black person 'a black person' it sounds inappropriate ONLY because from the beginning, 'black people' were known only to be slaves, to be discriminated, killed, raped, etc, because of their 'black skin'.

    Now think about this: If times were different, and Africans were never slaved, killed, rapped, burned, etc, then people who called black people with black skin 'black people' I think that people wouldn't be so concerned with calling black people black people.

    And calling black people who are not the color black...isn't really a 'black person'. It's easy for people to call all black people either 'Black people' or African American' because people do not know their nationality and ethnicity until you talk to a black person yourself.

    But if you are labeling all black people 'black people' I guess it's okay, as long as you are showing respect and not showing any sign of ignorance, racism, prejudice.

    When you're talking about a specific 'black person' and someone asks, "And what race is this person?" or however they say it, you could say "This person could be of African descent".

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    last time i heard

    black -= race

    African American = nationality

    I could be wrong though, but that is what i heard. And yea it makes sense

  • 8 years ago

    In a less formal addressment, yes.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes, but it would be much better if you call them on their names.

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  • 8 years ago

    yeah thats what they want to be called at least for now

  • y not? we're black

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