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How can I achieve a smaller waistline while maintaining the size of my hips/butt?

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    You can achieve a smaller waistline by using cardiovascular exercises while maintaining and even building the size of your hips and butt with resistance exercises.

    In terms of cardiovascular exercises what I want you to do is to use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) over traditional cardiovascular training. The reason why you should use it is that it's been proven to burn more calories throughout the day hence more fat loss than traditional cardio. This is as a result of your increased metabolism from doing this exercise. The exercise works by alternating between high and low intensity exercises for a number of sets. An example of an HIIT workout is below:

    1st set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    2nd set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    3rd set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    4th set - 2 minutes walk, 30 second sprint

    5th set - 2 minutes walk, 60 second sprint

    6th set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    7th set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    8th set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    9th set - 2 minute walk, 30 second sprint

    10th set - 2 minute walk, 60 second sprint

    In terms of muscle building exercises for the hips and butt the best exercises are compound exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups such as body weight squats, lunges, pistol squats and if you have access to a gym; deadlifts and barbell squats. These exercises stimulate a greater release of muscle building hormones such as IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor-1), HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Testosterone than exercises which only recruit single muscle groups.

    For a comprehensive step-by-step guide to burning fat and building muscle check out

    Source(s): Up-and-coming Personal Trainer from Queensland Academy of Fitness
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    It is hard to spot reduce fat basically but contrary to popular belief, I think it is very possible. I had the same problem as you and started to basically "test" different exercises to try and trim my waist down without compromising my hips and chest. I found that hula hooping is a brilliant method! I trimmed my waist down dramatically so now it is between 28-29 inches whilst my hips are about 35! Half an hour a day is enough to start seeing results but you need to buy a weighted hula hoop designed for exercise. You can get them off ebay or amazon easily, and you can choose a weight you feel comfortable with too. Don't worry if it seems like you won't be able to hoop for 30 minds straight, the heavier hoops are a lot easier to control. Also, swimming will help to ton every muscle group which will help flatten your stomach and create a more streamlined waist! 3 times a week is the suggested amount.

    Good luck!

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    Just exercise...

    You will keep your hips dont worry...

    And you butt in fact will probably get more toned and mooore sexier

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