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Can you bridge a 4 channel amp with 2 - 2 ohm SVC subs?

So basically i have two subwoofers (both are single voice coil) they both output 2 ohms and 200W RMS each.

I have a 4-channel, 440W amp from hifonics (it's the HFi 55.4):

Can i make this work? PLEASE HELP!

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    Sorry bought the wrong amp.

    You can bridge the amp IF the subs are wired together in series, BUT you would only be able to use half your amp (you would wire the subs in series then hook them up to ch1/2 bridged). According to the specs on that ebay page that would be a great idea since, according to that ebay page, that amp outputs 440WRMSx2@4ohms which would give you 220WRMS per sub which would be perfect. There's just one problem...THE SPECS ARE WRONG! That amp outputs 220WRMSx2@4ohms which means each sub only gets 110WRMS which results in them being significantly underpowered.

    Your only other option would be to wire up each sub to it's own channel which will still only give you 110WRMS per sub.

    If you tried to bridge the channels and run each sub on it's own bridged channel (e.g. first sub on channels 1/2, second sub on channels 3/4) you would be presenting a 2ohm load to each of the bridged channels. Although the amp is 2ohm stable in STEREO mode, it is not 2ohm stable in BRIDGED mode..."not 2ohm stable in bridged mode" is a fancy way of saying "do it and your amp goes bye-bye"

    So, regardless of how you wire it up the best you can do is 110W to each sub. Sorry I don't have a happier answer for you.

    If you end up getting a different amp (if I were you, I'd ask for a refund on the basis that the seller listed the wrong specs) you will want to get an amp that is 400WRMSx1@4ohms or 200WRMSx2@2ohms. Hifonics is as low as I would go...stay away from total crap brands like: legacy, pyle, hitron, jensen, lanzar, power acoustiks, performance technique, pyramid etc.

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    Hifonics 5 Channel Amp

  • Anonymous
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    First of all you chose a Hifonics amp thats best thing.

    if you bridge a 4 channel amp to 2 channels you can only run a 4 ohm load to each of the 2 channels

    if you try to run a 2 ohm load to each of the 2 channels it will eventually burn out the amp.

    and as rule its not impossible to use a 4channel amp to run subwoofers but its not the best way to do it either, always use a 1 ohm stable amp or 2 ohm stable amp depending on your impedence of your subwoofers. i have used in the past a high power 4 channel amp to run a small system.

    the channels 1 & 2 can run 4 speakers in a 2ohm load "Thats 2 speakers on the left and 2 on the right, while the 3 & 4 channels run #2 4 ohm subs or channels 3&4 are bridged and use one 4 ohm sub. i hope this helps you

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