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What do you think about these names? Rate Please!?

So these are some names I would like you guys to rate. Feel free to let me know if a name will sound better in a different way.

Christa Clay

Serena Ria

Davis Carsen

Jimena Abigale

Addisyn Shaylee

Kristopher Jayvion

Sabrina Angela

Chester Nicholas

Clara Sierra

Lynette Madeline

Dwayne Tyler

Nathon Samuel


BTW I'm not going to really name anyone! It's just for fun. And if you dont like the names then go answer other questions. Thanks!

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Christa Clay: I don't care for Christa and I don't like Clay as a girl's middle name. Christina is cute though.

    Serena Ria: I like Serena, but not Ria.

    Davis Carsen: Davis is okay, but it's more of a last name, I think. I don't really care for Carsen, but it's not horrible.

    Jimena Abigale: I really, really don't like Jimena, but I think Abigale is a really pretty first name. Or Jenna Abigale?

    Addisyn Shaylee: I actually really like this name. It's unique, cute, and very flowy. Very nice :)

    Kristopher Jayvion: Christoper is fine spelled like this, but I don't like Jayvion. I think Christopher Jay is very nice though.

    Sabrina Angela: Very, very, very pretty!

    Chester Nicholas: I don't like Chester, but Nicholas is a good last or middle name.

    Clara Sierra: Don't like it, sorry. I think the rhyming thing is kinda tacky.

    Lynette Madeline: Pretty and unique :D

    Dwayne Tyler: Dwayne Tyler is cool.

    Nathon Samuel: Love it :)

    I really hope I helped! I think a lot of your names have potential they just need a little work ;)


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  • 9 years ago

    These are nice -

    Sabrina Angela

    Clara Sierra

    Lynette Madeline

    Dwayne Tyler

    These need adjustments -

    Davis Carson - Correct spelling of Carson.

    Jemima Abigail - Lovely, Jemima. Correct spelling of Abigail.

    Nathan Samuel - Correct spelling of Nathan.

    Addisyn Shaylee is the worst of your list. Addisyn is a trendy, trashy, failed attempt to make a ridiculously masculine name, feminine. Addison means "Son of Adam". Son. Not daughter. Shaylee is made up and childish.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think you're about 15.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think you're being cruel to the child to be named.

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