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Energy Star Ceiling Fans with lights Avoid them or by all means get one? 1 or 2?

I am in the market for a ceiling fan (with light)

Some of the Ceiling fan's are listed as "Energy Star Compliant"

As far as the light is concerned, it's not much of an issue, Most people are using CFL's but what about the fan itself?

Do the Energy Star Fans really save that much vs a new fan that is not marked Energy Star Compliant?

Do the Energy Star Fans move less air due to a weaker motor or blade design?

I am wanting to save money, but I'd also like to keep cool do they really save that much?

What's Your Verdict on Energy Star Ceiling Fans?

1. Avoid them they are not worth it they don't save that much, or move that much air. or

2. Definitely get one, They will save you money, and they will cool just as much as others.

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  • 10 years ago
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    The energy star ratings are a guide only.

    Consumer reports offers detailed testing and consumer rated advice.

    Some free sites also offer information, but require a little more leg work.

    I would always choose an energy star rated appliance or other electrical unit.

    Some testing is better than none at all.

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