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My fiance pays child support. We live in texas and his ex moved to GA because her husband is in the army, they moved last october with his child. We used to live in florida when they moved to GA but we moved back to texas a couple of months ago. My fiance has a different job and makes commission because his job is "By the call" he is not hourly. I was wondering how they would determine if he would pay less for child support each month. Also now his daughter lives over 100 miles away and court paper work says if they live more than 100 miles away the visitation rights are different. What would any one suggest?

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    10 years ago
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    First, he can make an official request with child support enforcement to have the order modified. They are required to help either parent upon request. As for long distance access rights.


    Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents


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    Normally, if a persons income changes, they can go back to court, present proof and ask to have it modified. Your issue is that the original case sounds like it was in a place, where none of you live anymore. Location of court is always based on the home state of the child...since there is a new home state..someone needs to file there, and petition to have the court "transfer" the case. gotta figure out the right place, then file the right petition.

    Next..someone has to figure out how to accomodate the visitation. Your papers might already spell it out. How child travels is gonna depend on her age.

    Some rare couples are capable of bending and, dad paying less (which has to be approved by the court) and bending also that the cost of visits doesn't break anyone. Hopefully you might be that rare couple. *smiles*

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    10 years ago

    The space and visitation has no bearing on support. However, if your fiance has had a decrease in income he can petition to have support reduced.

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