Lovin' my Female teacher (i'm a 15 year o girl), How to continue my relationship? If she loves me In what way?

Well, I've fallen in love with my female math teacher at school and I'm a 15 year old girl. I have to say that she's a married woman and she has a little son. When I'm near her at school my reactions and the way I look her shows everything and that's because all the students have understood s.th about my feeling about her. But I'm sure no one except my close friends doesn't know about my exact feeling. Other students and even she think that this is a normal student-teacher attraction although I've told her that I love her. When I told her I love you v.much then she replied I love you v.much too and then she kissed me on both cheeks. What does this mean?

And the most important thing is that when I'm in her class although I'm near her but i feel that it's not enough for me and i want to do s.th like kissing(on cheek) her or ... . And because I control myself and try not to do these things when I go home and I'm far from her I feel s.th odd. Not bad not good, I just know that I'm going to be crazy. And the worst thing is that the school is finished and I'm not going to see her for three month. Maybe I'm going to ask her to have an appointment to see each other. But how? I'm her top student and this is the other thing that doesn't let me to make a scandal as well as my religion. Well what should I do to make myself free? My approaching to her how should be? And how can I take her attraction and have her kindness? I want to keep this relationship at last as a friendship and nothing more but my feeling says the opposite.

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  • 10 years ago
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    ok i have the same problem with my girl teacher. But my love is lil different love. I love her like a mom but it may not be easy to stop loving your math teacher you cant help who you love i been loving the same teacher for about 3 years now and im not even at her school anymore but we still talk and there no point in telling your friend or anyone because no on understand until it happens to them sit down and really talk to your teacher about your feeling so she knows your really serious about how you feel like after school or before school because if you dont and you like go to a new school it ganna eat u up in side to no shes dont no how you feel like it doing me now

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