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WHAT exactly IS "Sensa" ? The weight loss powder.?

A family member has asked what is in it, if it appears to have nothing harmful AND is recognized as SAFE by the FDA. I have reservations on its claims to aide in weight loss but for those over weight, I understand the desire to find that miracle solution. However I am against weight loss aides other than exercise & reduced intake.

What are the ingredients ? I do NOT have bottle to compare the ingredients with researching. Any info you can pass on would be most appreciated. :)


I know it is a weight loss product. What I am asking is WHAT are the ingredients. Thanks ! :)

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    Tricky marketing wording. This product is NOT approved by the FDA. It is manufactured in a method and procedure that meets FDA standards.

    I can make candy in a method and procedure that meets FDA standards but you sure as heck won't lose weight using it.

    I like to refer to this product as "magic fairy dust" since you sprinkle it on your food. Right!

    I promise that if this product worked they would be charging $1000 per treatment,

    not $89.95 per 60 day supply.

    Weight loss is a $60 billion per year industry today and these guys are just trying to grab their share.

    Be smart.

    A healthy diet and exercise work every single time.

    $45 per month gets you a decent gym membership, and you get a shower and maybe a steam!

    See the Terms and Conditions below taken from the Sensa web site.

    I also love that buying it direct from Sensa saves you 35% off the retail price. Yet it is available at GNC for the exact same price.

    "You have a full 30 days to try your SENSA 2-Month Starter Kit. If you enjoy SENSA, do nothing and you will be billed for the 2-Month Starter Kit one low payment of $89.95 at the end of the free trial. That's a 35% SAVINGS off the retail price! If you decide to keep your 2-Month Starter Kit, you will be automatically enrolled in our SENSA AutoShip Delivery Service. As part of the SENSA Auto Ship Delivery Service, you will receive a fresh 2-month supply of SENSA every 60 days at the low price of only $89.95 so you never run out. You will be charged this price every 60 days, billed to your credit card.

    Any free gift is yours to keep."

    If it really did work why would you need to be offered free gifts as an incentive to purchase?

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    From their website...

    "SENSA® contains Maltodextrin (Derived from Corn from the USA), Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors. SENSA® also contains Soy and Milk ingredients. SENSA® is sodium-free, sugar-free, calorie free, gluten-free, and there are no stimulants, drugs or MSG."

    The company's weight loss evidence is based on a "clinical" study (not to be confused with a clinical trial, which is the gold standard for research) done by Hirsch. This study has never been validated, nor published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

    The lack of scientific evidence on Sensa, along with a lack of diet and fitness guidelines to accompany the product, raise a red flag for some nutrition experts.

    "This is not a magic bullet. There is no magic sprinkle. This isn’t even a diet," says diet and fitness expert, Pamela Peeke, MD. "It oversimplifies the complex physiology and psychology associated with appetite."

    She adds that there is nothing unique about the list of ingredients in the tastants.

    It's worth noting that the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements like drugs. Manufacturers are free to use creative language to imply effectiveness even without proven results.

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    Sensa Powder

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    Going low carb is proven to encourage weight loss. Limit the carbs (especially processed carbs like muffins and bagels) and include a little fat.

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