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tax back on shopping in usa?

Hey, i'm visiting the US and i've heard that it is possible to get the tax back on some products. does anyone know how it works? i was thinking about buying an ipad. thank you for your help.

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    Sadly you cannot reclaim sales tax back on items purchased in the USA.

    Louisianna has a scheme for tax free shopping for foreigners: http://www.louisianataxfree.com/

    As for other states, most US states have tax free weekends/days where there is no sales tax on items Here's a link to the 2011 sales tax holidays, maybe you're lucky and the state you're visiting will be holding it while you're there:


    The best time to visit would be in November, after thanksgiving. The Friday after Thanksgiving, is called Black Friday and the sales across the country are pretty good!!

    Happy shopping :)

    Source(s): Lived in the USA, visit at least 2 times a year!!
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