Restaurants/bars to go to in Pittsburgh near PNC Park?

Am going to Pittsburgh in a couple of days and going to a Pirates game. Any recommendations near the park of places to go? (However, please don't recommend Primanti Brothers)

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    9 years ago
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    Wow, you are a fan of Pirates? I have a friend in Pittsburgh and he is a big fan of Pirates. He often goes these for Pirates games.

    When it comes to restaurants near PNC Park, he likes Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse best. The restaurant is just 0.1 miles from the stadium. This is a high end steakhouse, so it is a bit expensive. One of the best steaks in the city, great service as always.

    Address: 247 North Shore Drive

    Six Penn Kitchen is also a good option. On the menu, their calamari appetizer and pork shank entrée are always marked well.

    Address: 146 6th Str.

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