What is the main advantages of using semiconductor device as a switch?

(a)there is always high voltage across the switch

(b)there is always high current in the switch

(c)there is low power loss in the switch

(d)there is high power loss in the switch

which is the correct answer?

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    9 years ago
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    None of the choices is correct. Only (c) seems to be an advantage an it is not an advantage of a semiconductor switch over a comparable non semiconductor type of switch.

    The main advantages of a semiconductor switch are:

    1. A physically smaller switch compared to other types of low-power switches.

    2. A switch that can be turned on and off many times in a very short time.

    3. A switch that can be operated very many times without wearing out.

    4. A switch that can be controlled by a very small electrical signal and still offer the above advantages.

    5. A switch that can make a very rapid transition between on and off.

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