who got voted off SYTYCD tonight 7/21?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Clarice and Mitchell and it was the judges decision to eliminate them. They changed their rules and I am seriously getting really fed up with the manipulation this show has been displaying.

    And Neil Patrick Harris... love him in How I Met Your Mother, but his "judging" last night was unnecessarily harsh and I lost a little respect for him. He didn't need to tell Clarice that "he didn't connect with her before". That totally swayed the viewers voting in my opinion. As for Mitchell, it was ok to slam the choreography for being mediocre but he somehow also blamed Mitchell. I thought he and Melody danced well with what they were given.

    I believe Jordan got the lowest votes but the judges love her (and probably Ricky) so much that they changed the rules. Usually after Top 10, the lowest vote-getter goes home. Not this season, I guess. I am really done with this show.

  • Clarice and Mitchell

  • 4 years ago

    My dish went to the information so I ignored it additionally. They in all likelihood have it on the Survivor internet site however.. Omg Debbie? Haha..Thats so humorous b/c wasnt she the only saying the stuff approximately it being an excellent marvel this evening. I guess it fairly became an excellent marvel to her.

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