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How can i lose belly fat quickly????

i am a 13 year old boy and i have a little belly fat it isnt much but i dont want it how can i turn that fat into abs quickly also how do i lose the little bit of fat under my chin


I eat healthy i work out every day i run (not often but i do) and i have worked out my entire life because i grew up around working out because my dad was a bodybuilder

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  • John B
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    Well in order to lose your belly fat quickly here are a few things you have to follow:

    What you need to do is to have a comprehensive workout plan that encompasses not only weight loss but also muscle gain. The reason for building muscle is to make your body more efficient in losing fat. So don't neglect your muscle building exercises!

    In terms of exercises what I want you to do is to use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) over traditional cardiovascular training. The reason why you should use it is that it's been proven to burn more calories throughout the day hence more fat loss than traditional cardio. This is as a result of your increased metabolism from doing this exercise. The exercise works by alternating between high and low intensity exercises for a number of sets. An example of an HIIT workout is below:

    1st set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    2nd set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    3rd set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    4th set - 2 minutes walk, 30 second sprint

    5th set - 2 minutes walk, 60 second sprint

    6th set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    7th set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    8th set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint

    9th set - 2 minute walk, 30 second sprint

    10th set - 2 minute walk, 60 second sprint

    In terms of muscle building exercises the best exercises are compound exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups such as push ups, pull ups, chin ups, dips, body weight squats and if you have access to a gym; deadlifts, bench press and barbell squats. These exercises stimulate a greater release of muscle building hormones such as IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor-1), HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Testosterone than exercises which only recruit single muscle groups.

    Nutrition is also a crucial part of weight loss. Even if you've been working out hard if you don't have your nutrition in order you won't lose weight. When it comes to losing weight one needs to consume smaller but more frequent meals. The reason for this is that it allows your body to maintain blood sugar levels within a small range. This in turn reduces your fat storing hormone Insulin.

    Foods you should be consuming include brown rice, wholegrain bread, wholegrain pasta and rolled oats for energy, skinless chicken breast, salmon, turkey, lean beef, tuna, whole eggs, milk and cheese for protein and fruits and green leafy vegetables for vitamins and minerals. By consuming these foods you'll be accelerating your fat loss.

    For a comprehensive step-by-step guide to burning fat and building muscle check out

    Source(s): Up-and-coming Personal Trainer from Queensland Academy of Fitness
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    Hi there.

    You are still very young. I was around 120 pounds when I was your age, and I quickly lost all of the weight when i grew to be six feel tall. Ask your parents about eating healthier, and maybe about start running if they're OK with it.

    Also, you can't choose where you lose fat on your body! You have to reduce your overall fat, which will happen as you go through puberty.

    Also, please check with your dr before you begin any diet or exercise program

    Good luck and good nutrition!

    ps don't listen to that exercise program that guy isn't the brightest. take it easy, you'll lose the weight VERY quickly if you eat well, and get occational exercise and give it time

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    Lose Your Belly Fat Naturally -

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    You are actually lucky because you have that fat wich can easily be turned into fat man. And it goes quick all you have to do is if you have weights or dumbells use them i mean they really help if you dont its ok dont worry you can just to pushups and crunches but i will focus more on the upper body wich is your chest and arms. Do intense workouts and dont do the same workout weekly mix it up and week by week your fat will be muscle trust me. When your in that stge then you can really focus more on your abbs and lower body. You wont be that fat nor chubby so it will be way easier to get abbs in weeks or a month! Good luck bro and hope you get to do it

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  • weigel
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    So many solutions... dude you are very younger. Don't say that "I am a scholar so I do not get time for something". You have always. Eat something you desire to. Just cross external in night time and play a few outside video games. Specially Football, Badminton, Cricket and so forth and so forth. Play up to you'll be able to. Play soccer everyday for an hour or 2 and you can see the alterations.

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    Keep proper distance between meals

  • 4 years ago

    are your dishes too big a healthy dinner should fit on a 9 inch plate

  • Kirby
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    sweep your floors for 15 minutes then vacuum for 15

  • 4 years ago

    trade in a cappuccino for a regular a cup of joe

  • 5 years ago

    walk daily 30 mins in the morning

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