Is there a portable air conditioner that does not need an exhaust vent?

I have an office with no windows. I cannot vent the portable air conditioner through the supplied hose anywhere without leaving a door open or drilling through a wall ... is there a portable air conditioner that does not have a VENTING HOSE that I can use in my office? Does such a thing exist?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I found this one for you. Here's the website:

    The ACW100 Air Conditioner is a true breakthrough in spot cooling technology! Spot cooling solely cools a small surrounding area specifically. The ACW100 is extremely compact, and without any venting requirements, your life is made easier and cooler at the same time! This is the perfect appliance for the office or desk at home. Remember, it will not cool large areas, but the ACW100 will exceed your expectations in cooling your personal space. Unique among other portable air conditioners, the new ACW100 Personal AC requires NO VENTING. It is perfect for people who need relief from the heat in rooms or areas that do not have the means or space for a venting hose. Now you can direct cool, refreshing air directly onto yourself without any difficulty. Great for homes or offices, it runs off of a standard household outlet and is quiet at only 44 to 47 dB.

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    For the best portable air conditioner without using a window, check out

    There are a lot of great AC units that are available and perfect to use on any hot sunny days. I used an air condition with a window before and unless its secured on the second floor, people can break through that air conditioner unit and get into your house which doesn't seem safe for me.

    I started using a portable air conditioner with a hose and those work so much better. All I had to do was put the hose where I wanted hot air to push out and that was it. If you don't want to use a window, try placing that hose into a bucket or anywhere that can hold a lot of heat for the use of the AC unit that can't be released, otherwise the room won't get cooled.

    I've even seen people putting the hose into an ice bucket, but I'm not sure what that will do.

    So basically if you don't want to use a window to put your cooling unit in, get a portable air conditioner like that ones found on Amazon and see how good those do. I would pick the one that best fits your room that you want to cool. The bigger the room, the more BTU you want.

    The 5000 BTU is good for a bed room while a 10000 BTU would be good for like a living room or something bigger.

    Another good thing about getting something like this online, is that you get the shipping for free which saves you a lot of time going in stores which might not have what you want.

    You also have the benefit of learning about a specific product from past customers through reviews while in store purchase it is hit or miss.

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    A portable AC unit is not the most efficient type. You can vent the heat into the area above the ceiling - it is better than nothing, and the ceiling tiles will prevent most of that excess heat from coming into the work area.

  • Tom K
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    9 years ago

    Mitsubishi Electric has been advertising a new line of ductless air conditioners. I don't know how well they work or how much they cost. But might be worth looking into.

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    Thankyou! Very valuable information and this gives me better knowledge on the topic

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    Yes, it is called a block of ice. All air conditioners use energy at a less than 100% efficiency to convert say electricity into cooling. If you have no outlet for the energy used, the temperature of the space goes up and it gets hotter.

    The only thing I know of is a venturi cooler. By blowing air through it as the energy source it will cool the air.

    Thought of one more thing. There was a manufacturer that had a high velocity air conditioner that blew air into a room at higher than normal velocities. It was used to retrofit homes without central cooling systems. The openings for ducts are small and can be fit in where normal ducts would not fit or be too expensive.

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    no that is impossible

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