Why do vegans/vegetarians think we are not meant to eat meat?

When it has been proven many times humans are meant to eat meat? We are natural omnivores, of course.

We crave it consciously and unconsciously, we can kill it with our own hands [it takes practice, but you can hunt smaller animals without tools], we can digest it easily, it is good for us, we can eat fish raw without getting sick, and so on.

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  • 9 years ago
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    We are "meant" to eat as we see fit.

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    No actually we cannot digest it easily. I don't know where you heard that but you are wrong. Our digestive system is extremely long whereas a cat's is much shorter (talking in relatives not in actual size). A cat has a stomach attached to a short intestine making the digestion of meat a lot easier. Plus they have a set of teeth built to eat meat. You can look at a humyns teeth and they are relatively flat meant more for grinding up plant matter. Our canines are not the same as a cats for sure.

    Basically when we are digesting meat we use more energy and nutrients we have to digest then we can actually get from the meat. That is why we have so many health problems, we end up robbing our body to digest something we don't need. Plus things like B12 don't really come from the meat but basically from disease and unsanitary conditions. I mean it all doesn't make much sense. We can do it but looking at just these factors why would you want to.

    My real question is why do carnists think we are meant to exploit 10 billion land animals? (this is a USDA figure only for the U.S. and doesn't include all land animals killed nor does it include sea creatures and other animals killed)

    Why do you specifically think we can kill someone with our own hands realistically and eat them and digest them like an actual carnivore?

    I mean science can easily prove you wrong heck just looking at your mouth in a mirror should clear things up pretty damn well.

    Besides just because we do something for a while doesn't make it ok. I mean we have been raping womyn and children for thousands of years should we continue doing that? We have been attacking people because their race or religion or social status or sexual orientation... is different, should we continue doing that.

    Source(s): vegan because animals are not property
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    Eating meat is something taught.

    Put an apple and a bunny in front of a baby - what will the baby do?

    Eat the apple and, play with the bunny.

    Also animals that are carnivores or omnivores do not have to cook their meat in order to eat it - we do.

    It is a choice not to eat meat because of how horrible the animals have been kept and treated - they are being tortured just so you can eat a burger or whatever.

    Think about it you can get a burger for $1.00.

    Think about how much it took for that burger to be made - the cow being raised, fed, slaughtered, transported, it being prepared, the restaurant you get it from, it's employees, etc. etc.

    So how high quality do you think that burger really was?

    Do some research.

    Most people could not go out, kill their own animals, then eat them.

    Also our bodies digest plants and things more easily than meat.

    So some research.

    Source(s): I'm vegetarian - I do research.
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    9 years ago

    That is true, and I see your point, however there are some things that you should probably know. People can also get all nutrients that they need from other sources, and our bodies digest them just as well. Vegetarians can eat nuts, legumes, soy, and most of the time eggs. They don't really think that we are not meant to eat meat, they just choose for themselves not to for a variety of reasons (environmental, moral, personal, etc.). When done properly, my vegetarian friends say that they feel really good, and it makes it easier for them to eat healthy.

    Real vegetarians are just looking to be healthy (which can be done on a proper vegetarian diet), not pushing ideas like no one should eat meat onto people.

    Vegans are a bit different, and I'm not sure how I feel about what they do. Also, I don't have any friends who are vegan, so I have no first hand experience with that lifestyle.

    Source(s): It's an individual lifestyle choice, not some cult looking to convert the entire world.
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  • 9 years ago

    You're quite mistaken. Meat is actually very difficult to digest, which is why it is linked with colon cancer.

    If you were capable of killing small animals (like rats and squirrels) with your bare hands, you would still have a difficult time skinning them and then eating the flesh raw.

    If this is the bar by which you judge the suitability of meat for inclusion in the human diet, then eating cows would be out of the question.

  • 9 years ago

    Humans didn,t always eat meat, looking back at our pre-historic ancestors, have you ever thought about how far we have deviated from their eating habits?. Humans were not designed to tear apart animals and eat their flesh. The history of the human race places us as vegetarian creatures. Our digestive systems are not suited to eat and digest meat. Eating meat is a relatively recent occurence in the history of humans, we have evolved into meateaters. Earliest man observed carnivore animals hunting and eating meat and decided to break away from their vegetarian diet and copy the animals. The human body differs from that of a carnivore, meat eaters have claws but we have no claws, meateaters have sharp front teeth for tearing but we have only flat molars for grinding. Our digestive tract is 10 times longer because it is not designed to digest meat. Clearly if humans were designed to eat meat then we would not have so many similarities with animals that are herbivores. Humans have evolved into eating meat and have become conditioned into believing that we need to eat it. People have become addicted to eating meat and this is very unatural and unhealthy.

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    9 years ago

    Omnivore is a social way of eating, it is not a design. Omnivorous means we CAN eat things like meat not that we HAVE to.

    The overwhelming majority of human beings never kill an animal with their bare hands, and also the overwhelming majority do not eat animals they can catch and kill on their own without tools(Try killing a pig or a cow with those omnivorous instincts of yours)

    It is not a fact that humans are omnivores. Our teeth are herbivorous. Those two tiny "fangs" are also herbivorous attributes, used for cracking nut shells and biting into fruit with hard skin. If you don't believe me, try to bite through a cow hide then try to bite through an apple. Humans chew in up and down and side to side motions to grind food. Omnivorous animals can only chew in an up and down motion as their jaw does not allow for any other sort of rotation and they are incapable of grinding their food. They merely tear and swallow. Our intestines are 7-13 times the length of our torso, the same length of other herbivorous animals. Carnivorous/omnivores animals have intestines only 3 times the length of their body.

    For any animal that is supposed to have meat in its diet, it is IMPOSSIBLE for their arteries to clog. Clogged arteries, leading to cardiovascular trouble and death, are the biggest killer in North America. Herbivores sweat through their pores, omnivores and carnivores pant to cool the body. Omnivores, like bears, are all equip with sharp teeth and claws. Humans are not.

    We have carbohydrate digestive enzymes in our saliva. Only herbivores possess such a thing.

    Meat is not easily digestible unless it is in small quantities. People cannot eat meat unless it has been sitting for a period of time, they are unable to digest it straight from the animal as a normal omnivore can. Omnivorous animals do not cook their meat, human beings do. If you're a true omnivore you cannot be picky and pick and choose the little parts you do and don't want to eat.

    A bear is a true omnivore. You are not.

    Sam: A cow isn't as close to a human being genetically as a gorilla and as somebody already pointed out, a gorilla is also herbivorous yet has canines. Compare those two pathetic canines of yours to an omnivores canines, like a bear, and you'll quickly see how wrong you are. You do know that most vegetarians do not eat meat alternatives right? A human being can live and thrive on a vegetarian diet. And unless you live in the ice age where no plant matter is available, your argument is null. And your comment on brocoli might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You judge a diet based on how fun it is to kill the thing you're eating? How pathetic.

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  • Ben
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    9 years ago

    We don't need meat. I actually never crave it. It was never hard for me to leave meat because I never liked it and even if I did, leaving meat is totally worth it! I learned how to eat right and I've never felt better and I love animals, I have NO desire to hurt/kill anyone.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    OK, thanks, I'll stick to not eating though, I've only been a vegetarian for a month and I already notice myself getting a lot calmer and healthier.

    Also, we're only 'meant' to eat meat because we've evolved to have such capabilities. We can survive without it, and we've also evolved to have such capabilities. So you could just as easily argue that we're not meant to.

    i.e. we're not 'meant' to as such, we just have the capability.

    @Sam - Gorillas have canines and have a purely herbivorous diet.

  • gem
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    9 years ago

    Check out this website to understand human anatomy and diet: http://www.vegsource.com/news/2009/11/the-comparat...

    If we were meant to eat meat, why would it give us heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and lots of other chronic illnesses? Meat is far from good for us.


  • 9 years ago

    We also have hands equipped to kill - do we do it? No not all of us as we have FREE WILL and MINDS OF OUR OWN! Stop being such a sheep! Grow some balls you pleb!

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