What is an Astronomy class like in College?

I want to learn about the planets and have discussions about exteresstrial life, but i know we arent going to have talks like that.

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  • eri
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    10 years ago
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    Introductory astronomy classes will teach you the history of astronomy (how we figured out how the Earth, Sun, planets and stars move, and how far away they are), basics about planets (how the solar system formed), stars (how they form, how they evolve, how they die), galaxies and the universe, and basics about telescopes, light, and related physics. It's unlikely you'll discuss extraterrestrial life in any detail; we simply haven't found it yet.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I took an Astronomy class two years ago in college. What we did was to track orbits with a computer software and determine how fast they were moving. We also calculated how hot stars were based on the intensity of light and the size of the planet, and learned about the ratings given to different stars based on their intensity. There was plenty of math involved. We had a field trip to an observatory and did viewing assignments, but most of it was basic physics.

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