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What would your kids names be (BNG) ?

I am doing this for ideas for name combinations so don't report please :)

Child 1: Boy. His first name is your favourite colour and his middle name your favourite fruit.

Red- Seth

Orange- Charlie

Yellow- Henry

Green- Samuel

Blue- Oliver

Purple- James

Pink- Andrew

Black/White/Brown- Zachary

Other- William

Apple- Ethan

Pear- Ryan

Orange- Peter

Strawberry- Sean

Cherry- Rhys

Banana- Jake

Pinapple- Caleb

Other- Caden

Child 2: Girl. Her first name is your favourite holiday and her middle name is your favourite sport.

Christmas- Lilly

Easter- Violet

Halloween- Adelia

Bonfire Night- Ella

Other- Charlotte

Football/Soccor- Elisabeth

Baseball- Rowan

Basketball/Netball- Jasmine

Hockey- Louise

Ice Skating/Bowling- Leah

Swimming- Madeleine

Other- Emme

Child 3 and 4. Boy/Girl twins. Their first names are your age and their middle names are your birth month.

Less than 13- Noah and India

14-18- Dylan and Isabelle

19-25- Joseph and Summer

26-35- Tyler and Macy

36-45- Thomas and Belle

46+- Oscar and Katy

Jan- Rhys and Delilah

Feb- Chad and Winter

Mar- Edward and Sophie

Apr- Alfie and Marie

May- Max and Olivia

Jun- Isaiah and Ava

Jul- Jack and Imogen

Aug- Kyle and Alexa

Sep- Xavier and Maisy

Oct- Niall and Lena

Nov- Dallas and Rhema

Dec- Nicholas and Aria

Please answer and star if you enjoyed, it took a while to make. SOrry if I used a name twice. Thanks for answering.


Mine would be...

Seth Rhys

Lilly Leah

Dylan Isaiah and Isabelle Ava

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    B1: Henry Jake.

    B2: Lilly Emme.

    B3: Dylan Max.

    B4: Isabelle Olivia.

    Thanks, it was really fun!


  • Beth:D
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    8 years ago

    1. James Caden.

    2. Lilly Emme.

    3&4. Dylan Edward and Isabelle Sophie.

  • 8 years ago

    Oliver Caleb

    Lilly Rowan

    Dylan Rhys and Isabelle Delilah

  • 8 years ago

    Boy: William Ethan

    Girl: Lilly Emme

    Twins: Dylan Rhys & Isabelle Delilah

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Child 1: James Sean

    Child 2: Lilly Madeleine

    Child 3 and 4: Joseph Kyle and Summer Alexa

  • 8 years ago

    Boy: Samuel Caden

    Girl: Lilly Elisabeth

    Twins: Dylan Xavier and Isabelle Maisy

  • 8 years ago

    Oliver Rhys

    Charlotte Emme

    Dylan Edward

    Isabelle Sophie

  • 8 years ago

    You're very creative. I'll do this when I have children.

    Boy First Name

    Red - Axel

    Orange - Leo

    Yellow - Sagittarius(Good luck with a nickname)

    Green - Seth

    Blue - Issac?

    Purple - Nurp- I mean Samuel

    Black - Noire

    Boy Middle Name. Remember, Middle Names aren't necessary

    Apple - Johnny

    Pear - Peter

    Orange - Aries

    Strawberry - Ichigo

    Cherry - Quincy

    Banana - Luffy

    Pinapple - Patrick?

    Girl First Name

    Christmas - Lilith

    Easter - Rachel

    Halloween - Jackline/Jackie

    I don't have bonfire holidays cause I don't know what they are, so I didn't do them.

    Girl MiIddle Name

    Football/Soccor - Ellie

    Baseball - Fanta

    Basketball/Netball - Nellie

    Hockey - Robin

    Ice Skating/Bowling - Pinya

    Swimming - Madeleine(It's a very nice name)

    Twins First Name

    I'm between 14 and 18 so

    Syler & Gabriella/Claire

    Twins Middle Name

    May - Zach/Zak/Zachary & Marybelle/Zina

    Source(s): The Dark Recesses of My Mind
  • 8 years ago

    Oliver Peter

    Lilly Emme

    Dylan Max and Isabelle Olivia

  • 8 years ago

    Oliver Sean

    Violet Leah

    Dylan Alfie

    Isabelle Marie

  • William Caden

    Charlotte Emme

    Dylan Rhys & Isabelle Delilah

    William, Charlotte, Dylan, and Isabelle :)

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