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How long is space? (in a manner of speaking)?

This is another follow on from this -;_ylt=ApSH5...

Sorry about another question, but how long would you say space is? When someone says "give her space"?

If you've read the past questions you'll know my story. Her last text to happened to be "I'm sorry too, I'm going to bed now and I think it's best if we don't text for a while"

I didn't exactly go quietly, I practically begged her to stay but she wasn't listening (pathetic I know) so you guys said give her "space".

So what is that? And how long does it last? I just need her back, I don't want her to be scared off forever.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Space means really do give her space until she contacts you. That could be literally any time so don't set yourself a limit because you'll end up waiting till that time and not grow as an individual. Don't wait around on false hope. My advice - try to move on in your own head, have her there as a possibility but don't make her your priority. But you should treat it in the way that you're the one that needs space.

    When a girl wants space, it's usually a comfort blanket to hide what's really happening. Usually so it doesn't hurt you..but the problem is it often causes more pain that downright honesty! It's often a cowardly way of walking away from the issues in a relationship instead of working to resolve them, so you need to try to find a way in (eventually). It could be that she didn't like something about where things were going or it might have nothing to do with you, more so herself. For now, I would stop analysing what it could mean and just get on with your life. Treat it as a break up, hope for the best but expect the worst. You want to install the feeling of loss into her, so that you have power. To do this you need to control your own feelings first.

    If you contact her while you feel like this you'll scare her off forever (and feel even worse!!). Therefore, YOU probably need the space more than she does. Stopping all communication helps you get over them, a lot. It also gives them the consequences of leaving you and shows them what life is like without you. Whatever you do, don't react to anything she does that involves other people. It's when you choose not to react that will have the greatest effect of all. Space doesn't necessarily mean 'it's over', but you should consider the previous relationship over so you can work on you.

    Source(s): The greatest chance you have of getting her back is when you get over her completely and the fear of losing her. Research the rule of "no contact". It's her loss. Whatever you do, understand you can't control whatever she does so forget about her at the minute. Right now, it's all about you and your life. Do what it takes to give yourself value, start enjoying life again and consider dating other people without informing her about it. If you suddenly appear happy, that will really make her wonder that you have someone new.. and a feeling of loss is deadly. She'll be feeling what you feel right now. One last thing, if you notice she's trying jealousy tactics or dates somebody else it's a good sign you can get her back.. it means she's feeling left behind that you're moving on. So don't react to any of it!!!! That's the secret.
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  • 9 years ago

    "Give her space" means she doesn't want to be around you. She probably realized the relationship wasn't what she wanted and it's no ones fault. It seems like she was feigning happiness until the end and dropped the ball suddenly. Yeah, it's confusing, but whatever! You will go out and make new girl friends because you deserve to find some that aren't picky little actresses/with you one week, breaking up the next, cold, shallow, stupid girls.

    From my own experience, every time I've told a clingy guy to leave me alone, he finds a new way to cross my path, contact my phone, talk to people about me, leave things on my doorstep or mailbox, or generally try and show me he's "worthy". But it turns me away even more because he obviously doesn't realize that I'm just not the girl for him. There's another girl that deserves your attentions far more than this one because she has made it more than clear she doesn't want them. She's not playing hard to get. She's just not interested.

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  • 9 years ago

    o.o You can't really evaluate how long that person needs time.

    She has to work things out for herself & then she'll get back to you ( I think )

    Give her space, kay?

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