Is helping the most oppressed people in a country considered racism?

If so was USA discriminating to help the white Jews in Germany?

If so is helping the poor and not the rich discriminatory?

Are mestizo latinos helping mestizo latinos discriminatory in Latin America?

Then why is helping black people ONLY discriminatory?<<When they are one fo the most oppressed people in this nation...Besides the Native Americans, black people rank highest in poverty rates...

Why do black people listen to whites? Why do they say "they should help themselves"? when those are the exact words the white man said about us(but not about themselves?)

My family has gained much in life, and my father dedicated his youth to helping blacks in our community. We have always gone against mainstream society. Which many black youth are ignorant and starting to adopt white society into their own lives

When you gain achievement and education you want to spread that to others, not be selfish and say "they can get their own"<<those are the white man's words

If you got it on your own, then who gave you your job? Who gave you the opportunities you have now? Obviously many black people had to die for the few rights we have no, you didn't get it on your own.

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    9 years ago
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    The hard truth of the matter is that white Americans [{--->hate<---}] Blacks, and will do anything in their power to make sure they are as miserable as humanly possible

    Forget about reparations, its never going to happen. White people don't even care about the racism that's going on today, let alone what went on in the past

    @ anonymous: LOL. You are effing hilarious. Black Americans BUILT America you idiot, 350 years of slavery launched America forward economically at a pace that would never otherwise have happened, added to that is the fact that practically every vestige of American culture has it's roots in Black communities, from rock & roll to Jazz, to disco . Then there are the oceans of inventions blacks created but will never get credit for as long as white men are writing the "history" books

    Black inventions


    Biscuit Cutter A.P. Ashbourne Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson

    Folding Bed L.C. Bailey Bicycle Frame Issac R. Johnson

    Coin Changer James A. Bauer Space Shuttle Retrieval Arm Wm. Harwell

    Rotary Engine Andrew J. Beard Printing Press W.A. Lavallette

    Car Couple Andrew J. Beard Envelope Seal F.W. Leslie

    Letter Box G.E. Becket Laser Fuels Lester Lee

    Stainless Steel Pads Alfred Benjamin Pressure Cooker Maurice W. Lee

    Torpedo Discharger H. Bradberry Window Cleaner A.L. Lewis

    Disposable Syringe Phil Brooks Pencil Sharpener John L. Love

    Home Security System Marie Brown Fire Extinguisher Tom J. Marshal

    Corn Planter Henry Blair Lock W.A. Martin

    Cotton Planter Henry Blair Shoe Lasting Machine Jan Matzeliger

    Ironing Board Sarah Boone Lubricators Elijah McCoy

    Horse Bridle Bit L.F.Brown Rocket Catapult Hugh MacDonald

    Horse shoe Oscar E. Brown Elevator Alexander Miles

    Pacemaker Otis Boykin Gas Mask Garrett Morgan

    Guide Missile Otis Boykin Traffic Signal Garrett Morgan

    Lawn Mower John A. Burr Hair Brush Lyda Newman

    Typewriter Burridge & Marshman Heating Furnace Alice H. Paker

    Train Alarm R.A. Butler Airship J.F.Pickering

    Radiation Detector Geo. Carruthers Folding Chair Purdgy/Sadgwar

    Peanut Butter George W. Carver Hand Stamp W.B. Purvis

    Paints & Satins George W. Carver Fountain Pen W.B. Purvis

    Lotion & Soaps George W. Carver Dust Pan L.P.Ray

    Automatic Fishing Reel George Cook Insect Destroyer Gun A.C. Richardson

    Ice cream Mold A.L. Cralle Baby Buggy W.H. Richardson

    Blood Plasma Dr. Charles Drew Sugar Refinement N. Rillieux

    Horse Riding Saddle Wm. D. Davis Clothes Dryer G.T. Sampson

    Shoe W.A. Detiz Celluar Phone Henry Sampson

    Player Piano Joseph Dickinson Pressing Comb Walter Sammons

    Arm for Recording Player Joseph Dickinson Curtain Rod S.R. Scottron

    Doorstop O. Dorsey Lawn Sprinkler J.W. Smith

    Doorknob O. Dorsey Automatic Gearshift R.B. Spikes

    Photo Print Wash Clatonia J. Dorticus Urinalysis Machine Dewey Sanderson

    Photo Embossing Machine Clatonia J. Dorticus Hydraulic Shock Absorber Ralph Sanderson

    Postal Letter Box P.B. Dowing Refrigerator J. Standard

    Toilet T. Elkins Mop T.W. Stewart

    Furniture Caster David A. Fisher Stairclimbing Wheelchair Rufus J. Weaver

    Guitar Robert Flemming ,Jr Helicopter Paul E. Williams

    Golf Tee George F. Grant Fire Escape Ladder J.B. Winters

    Motor J. Gregory Telephone Transmitter Granville T. Woods

    Lantern Micheal Harney Electric Cutoff Switch Granville T. Woods

    Thermo Hair Curlers Soloman Harper Relay Instrument Granville T. Woods

    Gas Burner B.F. Jackson Telephone System Granville T. Woods

    Kitchen Table H.A. Jackson Galvanic Battery Granville T. Woods

    Video Commander Joseph N. Jackson Electric Raillway System Granville T. Woods

    Remote Controllers Joseph N. Jackson Roller Coaster Granville T. Woods

    Sani-Phone Jerry Johnson Auto Air Brake Granville T. Woods

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    Me, I don't even know what my great, great, great, great grandfather did or anything about him. Nor do I really think it has any influence on my present state of affairs or my life. I am just trying to make it in this present World situation into which I was born.

    I am White, I have never owned a slave, nor do I believe that it is morally right, but then I did not live during that time. Do not attempt to hold me accountable for something my ancestors did.

    I doubt you have ever been a slave either. Get over it! It is in the past. Nothing about the past can be changed- only the future.

    It does worry me that when I watch my local news, and the majority of the local crimes are committed by Blacks. Don't talk to me about going without or not having food- been there, done that. What did I do? I got a job, went back to school, and never had to commit a crime.

    Blaming our failures on others is usually a cop out.

    Impressive list you provided above. Need one listing White inventions? Why do you feel the need to keep score?

  • 3 years ago

    it is incredibly exciting that the NAACP condemned Sherrod in keeping with this clip on a similar time because it replaced ideal right into a clip from a speech given at an NAACP journey. shows in actuality how plenty they pay interest to their very own classes. and assured they have been cheering on a similar time as they heard what they concept replaced ideal right into a checklist of a white guy or woman getting discriminated against.

  • 9 years ago

    If you want my opinion, there's nothing wrong in helping your own people. That's your choice, and it's a good one to be honest with you.

    There's not that many blacks like you, though. You have to admit it. A lot of you are just out for your own personal gain...without thinking how it affects your community. You know its true. I believe you are intelligent enough to see that.

    You're fighting a losing war. You should sell out and become an Uncle Tom. Here's the sad fact about trying to help black people: it is like throwing pearls before swine.

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  • 9 years ago

    Truthfully said,

    (well, I'm not American, 'm Balkan, but I'm still white)

    i think the most racist people are the ones that call others racist.

    i personally, have to be racist, because i understand racist jokes. but i have never insulted because of color in my life.

    if you think about it, white people may have the most control over the country, but black people are the most racist. because they themselves say things like "a white man's words" and "white people hate us"

    throughout my life, i have never heard a white person say "black people hate us"

    so maybe the white are prejudice, but it is the same for the black.

    and then, i remember seeing how a black person can claim they are being discriminated and they are actually believed, while if a white person claims it, they are considered racist trash.

    the first step to blacks "getting opportunities" is for them to stop and look at the way they are acting. how many black people have you seen curse their heads off and rap about drugs and how they shoot people. if they don't respect themselves, how do they expect to get respect from everyone else.

    Source(s): what I've, personally, noticed around me.
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    9 years ago

    lovely bunny = Queeny

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