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Ok this is going to get a lot of hate but...?

Does anyone think the UK might actually be a stronger better place if we had just said to the Germans "we'll join you?" (in WW2)

I mean I do not EVER try to denounce the horrors and atrocities carried out by the Nazi's. and ofcourse the UK Jewish population would be stuffed.

But part of me always thinks is the UK of TODAY actually worth all the lives lost in World War 2 by OUR Dads, Grandads, Great Grandads etc....?

I mean I'm NOT a racist at all, I have plenty of friends of different skin colour and those who are from different nations (arabic nations)... But I look at the hate that is thrown towards British Christians by portions of Muslims (I know not all muslims are like that hence the word portions!) I mean a group burned a bunch of poppies a while back and I just think "is that what this nation has become?"

Now I'm all to aware of our own home grown "pure british etc" a$$holes who are more than happy not to work and live off the dole, but my only concern is that shouldnt our prime concern be dealing with the flooding immigration? i.e. plug the holes of the sinking ship, then sort out the water thats already come in? (those who came into the country and dont work, and those who were born here and dont work...)

I hate to have to talk about this because I know "do-gooders" automatically assign me to the neo-nazi groups when i mention "immigration" and call me a racist etc.. when honestly if you're black and you are a better qualified doctor than a white british guy, then heck you get the job! etc etc!


You should all realise again I AM NOT speaking against only muslims, and that also does not include ALL muslims...

my point is that we have people living off the government who make more money NOT working than they do if they got a job, these people are OUR OWN Black/white/brown christians who can trace their british nationality back 100 years etc, and NOT OUR OWN immigrants who trace their entrance back a couple years ago.

Now that is a problem ofcourse but then we move onto those that want Sharia law in THIS COUNTRY... and those that burn poppies which we use to pay our respects and thanks to those men who died fighting for this country. and now what do we have?

We got our freedom and look where it has got us... Germany by all means is not living high and dry but they are infact a very advanced nation and we are heading backwards, and what worries me is we might end up with our own hitler who wants rid of chavs and anyone else who doesnt do this country any favours....

Update 2:


do you suppose stoning a women to death is because of adultery is right?

I mean, whether its right or wrong it does not BELONG in this country. England has had its barbaric history, we had our protestants vs catholic thing, we had our civil war, we moved passed it and we want to be a "civilised" (yeh i know loose term!) nation. We do not want to resort to public stonings. we do not want OUR christian brothers and sisters to live in fear for uttering the word "allah" we do not want to worry about the things that we say that may be considered "non-muslim" and therefore carry the death penalty.

Muslims who want to work are welcome to come here and abide by our rules and practice their faith but NOT at the expense of OUR culture and our beliefs.

Do you think it is correct to burn poppies on a memorial day? They are only poppies however the representation is there, and i think the folks that did burn them made a CLEAR understanding of how they felt about us as a nation. But ofcours

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes I think we would be better off today if we had of joined with the Nazis which is what Hitler had wanted and instead he got a useless ally Italy. You're right that our Grandads etc did not fight for what we've become today, this country will be a living hell soon.

    I'm in two minds about this as I could never justify the countless was crimes such as the Holocaust. Hitler had some very good ideas but he obviously went too far which is directly leading to the fall of Western Europe as people are so terrified of a repeat they are willing to let their own counties go down the drain for the sake of minorities.

    To be completely honest though I think if we had of fought alongside Germany our country would not be in the state it's in today and this is just the beginning of a terrible nightmare we're handing over to our children.

  • 10 years ago

    Your question, I think should be, should we have done what was easiest or what was morally correct. Anyone who was a Jew, Gypsy, Communist or anyone who spoke out against the state were put to death. The fact that you can actually ask this question is testament to that, 60 years ago you would probably be put in a concentration camp for just the thought. WW2 was about the right to be different, if you ask our families they will say they fought for freedom, the freedom to worship as you wish, to read what you want and for the right to write what you wish, to be able to be different from the main stream and not be penalized for it, to vote for who you want and have those candidates be able to stand without fear of retribution.

    The Muslim situation at the moment has not been born out of WW2, these guys obviously feel a grievance, but I do believe they are in the manority. One people fail to understand is that in all walks of life you will at one point or other be in the minority, does that mean you should take up arms against your fellow man, or take the harder path of educating people of the other side of the argument. Do not suppose you are right because you are on the winning side, suppose you are right because you have explored all other avenues.

  • 4 years ago

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  • JOHN G
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    If America had not joined in they would be isolated now , they would not be part of NATO and would have no credibility in the world at all.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You do realize that Muslims and NAZIS were allies during WW2.. right?

  • 10 years ago

    i know america would have been better off if we would have let europe fail

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