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Why does katy perry copy other peoples music?

Okay since the release of "I kissed A girl" I'd been a fan of katy. I sorta knew she'd copied ke$ha's "tik tok" with "California girls". But I thought it was a one time thing. I'd been a fan of t.A.T.u prior to hearing E.T. So I knew their sound and style. So when I listened to E.T I knew right off it sounded familiar in a way that made me kinda mad. So later I was listening to my Ipod when "All the things she said:" by t.A.T.U came on.And I realized she ripped off ANOTHER song. So my question is why does katy copy other peoples music? Btw im not a very big fan of hers anymore since discovering this.

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    Katy Perry is the last of an ancient alien race known as the Crappium Unoriginalius who, after years of attempting to create "music", destroyed themselves when the horrifically awful quality of their "music" caused all albums to self-destruct. Perry was the only member of her species to make it out alive in an escape pod bound for the nearest planet able to sustain life: Earth.

    She crash landed in California on 25th October 1984 (incidentally the same year in which George Orwell's terrifying dytospian novel was set) and was kindly taken in by two selfless pastors who she cruelly brainwashed into her slaves. She then proceeded to begin work on her grand master plan; through "music", she would brainwash the world's population and take over the entire planet so as to restore the former glory of the Crappium Unoriginalius race.

    However, there was one problem; after creating her first "brainwashing anthem", she tested its effectiveness under the pretence of singing at her local church. A few seconds into the song, the congregation then proceeded to kill themselves in the quickest and most efficient way they could, under the circumstances. Whilst Perry noted the merits of this effect, she decided that killing the entire world would only be counterproductive and she should instead utilise the benefits of having a brainwashed slave race under her command.

    So Perry then came to the conclusion that she would have to copy songs from other existing artists and then alter them so that they would be able to subtly brainwash the minds of all who listened to them. This is the reason why Perry must "copy other people's music" and unless you spread the word, the entire planet will fall to its knees at the mercy of Perry. Good day.

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  • Hahaha I actually hadn't noticed this until you pointed it out. I like katy perry, along with all the other bands you listed. But I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's because it's what sells..not like she needs any help with gettin her name out there. We all kinda know who she is. Maybe she looks up to them as muscians and her inspiration of them is released through her music. But I'd like to quote P!nk here and say 'Immitation is not the highest form of flattery, it's just annoying.'

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    EVERY modern Rock and Pop song is copied from an older song. It's because people like it and it makes money.

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    She's a pop singer, they don't have one unique thing in their head and she has no respect for others.

    I don't like any pop singers because they are thieves except victoria justice, p!nk, kelly clarkson, and demi lovato they are not thieves.

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    She obviously respects other artists music as gets influence from it.

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