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1.Burnt Sienna

2.Burnt Umber

3.Cadmium Lemon

4.Cadmium Red Light

5.Cadmium Yellow Deep

6.Chinese White

7.Cobalt Blue

8.French Ultramarine

9.Indian Red

10.Lamp Black

11.Lemon Yellow

12.Permanent Rose (Quinacridone)

13.Phthalocyanine Green

14.Phthalocyanine Blue

15.Raw Sienna

16.Quinacridone Rose

17.Yellow Ocher

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    9 years ago
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    1.Burnt Sienna 硃紅 (豬肝紅)2.Burnt Umber 焦茶色,暗褐色;咖啡色

    3.Cadmium Lemon (鎘原料) 檸檬色;鵝黃

    4.Cadmium Red Light (鎘原料) 霞紅色

    5.Cadmium Yellow Deep (鎘原料) 土黃色

    6.Chinese White 瓷白色

    7.Cobalt Blue 孔雀藍 (比Navy海軍藍鮮豔)

    8.French Ultramarine 法式深藍色

    9.Indian Red 印度紅;豆沙紅

    10.Lamp Black 墨黑

    11.Lemon Yellow檸檬黃

    12.Permanent Rose (Quinacridone) 玫瑰紅

    13.Phthalocyanine Green (酞花青原料) 青綠

    14.Phthalocyanine Blue (酞花青原料) 深藍

    15.Raw Sienna (生赭石原料) 可可16.Quinacridone Rose 桃紅

    17.Yellow Ochre黃褐色;芥茉黃

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