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Is the X-Men movie a recreation of the holocaust?

I have very big suspicions that it is and if it is then I understand why the made Magneto a holocaust survivor. I just want to clear up this suspicion.

It is the first made X-Men movie.


to me it kind of does

that stupid senator is Hitler, the non-mutants are the Nazi's and Germans, and the mutants are the Jews.

plus the intro to the movie is the holocaust.

Also at the senators meeting he said he wanted to force them to reveal themselves, and that is exactly what Hitler did to the Jews by making them wear the yellow star of David on all of their clothing.

the beginning is like the holocaust but the end is not.

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    No, not even close.

    Edit: Based on your additional info, I think what you're getting at is that the film is an allegory for any form of genocide/witch hunt, etc. It's not Holocaust-specific. Making Magneto a Holocaust survivor provides context and explanation for why he is sensitive to the persecution that the mutants experience post-Holocaust. The inclusion of the Holocaust in the film also serves to give the audience a basis of comparison. You could easily argue that the same similarities exist within McCarthy-era America, the Salem Witch Trial, Internment of the American Japanese during WWII, the genocide in Rwanda, etc. So, no, it's not a reworking of the Holocaust, but it's theme is about man's inhumanity to man, and our tendancy to persecute things that we don't fully understand.

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    No, but it has ties to racism and bigotry.

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