City In/Around Tucson AZ ??? Help!?

Does anyone know anything about a town or city in or around Tucson, Arizona that is called Stockley Nest or Stoakley Nest? Or anything that sounds similar to that? I can't find anything about it online, but I know it exists.. I know someone who was born there about 60/70 years ago.. please help!

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  • Jess38
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    10 years ago
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    I live in Tucson, and I know of no such place. I've tried looking up cities/towns in's everything that starts with S

    Sacaton, AZ

    Safford, AZ

    Sahuarita, AZ

    Saint David, AZ

    Saint Johns, AZ

    Saint Michaels, AZ

    Salome, AZ

    San Carlos, AZ

    San Luis, AZ

    San Manuel, AZ

    San Simon, AZ

    Sanders, AZ

    Sasabe, AZ

    Sawmill, AZ

    Scottsdale, AZ

    Second Mesa, AZ

    Sedona, AZ

    Seligman, AZ

    Sells, AZ

    Shonto, AZ

    Show Low, AZ

    Sierra Vista, AZ

    Skull Valley, AZ

    Snowflake, AZ

    Solomon, AZ

    Somerton, AZ

    Sonoita, AZ

    Springerville, AZ

    Stanfield, AZ

    Sun City, AZ

    Sun City West, AZ

    Sun Valley, AZ

    Supai, AZ

    Superior, AZ

    Surprise, AZ

    I tried searching for the word "Nest", but I found nothing.

    Here's a list from another site, that might be more thorough

    Sacaton (Pinal)

    Safford (Graham)

    Sahuarita (Pima)

    St David (Cochise)

    St Johns (Apache)

    St Michaels (Apache)

    Salome (La Paz)

    San Carlos (Gila)

    San Luis (Pima)

    San Luis (Yuma)

    San Manuel (Pinal)

    San Simon (Cochise)

    Sanders (Apache)

    Santa Rosa (Pima)

    Sasabe (Pima)

    Sawmill (Apache)

    Scottsdale (Maricopa)

    Second Mesa (Navajo)

    Sedona (Coconino/Yavapai)

    Seligman (Yavapai)

    Sells (Pima)

    Sentinel (Maricopa)

    Shonto (Navajo)

    Show Low (Navajo)

    Shungopavi (Navajo)

    Sierra Vista (Cochise)

    Skull Valley (Yavapai)

    Snowflake (Navajo)

    Solomon (Graham)

    Somerton (Yuma)

    Sonoita (Santa Cruz)

    Sonora (Pinal)

    South Tucson (Pima)

    Spring Valley (Yavapai)

    Springerville (Apache)

    Stanfield (Pinal)

    Star Valley (Gila)

    Stargo (Greenlee)

    Strawberry (Gila)

    Sun City (Maricopa)

    Sun City West (Maricopa)

    Sun Lakes (Maricopa)

    Sun Valley (Navajo)

    Sunizona (Cochise)

    Sunsites (Cochise)

    Supai (Coconino)

    Superior (Pinal)

    Surprise (Maricopa)

    Swift Trail Junction (Graham)

    Okay, here's another list that includes more suburbs and areas.

    That one includes Stockton, Stockham, Stotonyak, and Stotonic. Those are the closest sounding ones...

    Sorry I'm not more help.

  • brence
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    4 years ago

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