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Did liberals destroy the US economy with higher taxes, over regulation and unchecked union power?

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    Nope. You guys did that.

    Republican Reagan espoused massive tax cuts, had high unemployment and left a massive deficit. Eventually he had to raise taxes. Too little too late. Had a recession.

    Republican Papa Bush espoused massive tax cuts, left high unemployment, left a massive deficit and eventually had to raise taxes. Too little too late. Had a recession.

    Republican Baby Bush espoused massive tax cuts, left a massive deficit and never raised taxes. During the primaries he stated "The fundamentals of the economy are sound." John McCAin admitting he knew nothing about economics repeated that statement. It blew up in both their faces. Miraculously we had high unemployment shortly after wards. A recession followed.

    Currently taxes are the lowest in decades, we have high unemployment and a massive deficit. Have a recession. At this point even the worst cop would begin to see a pattern.

    REPUBLICAN Jan Brewer of Arizona took her $6.4 billion stimulus money and applied it to her budget. REPUBLICAN Rick Perry of Texas did the same thing as did many other states. Neither had any intention of using the stimulus as it was intended. They took the money and ran while complaining how it didn't work. I wonder why? Then both had the nerve to moan about excessive spending.

    REPUBLICAN Governor Rick Perry of Texas received $830 million of federal funds that was slated for education. He cried to his REPUBLICAN Congressional friends to remove the education restriction and they did. He then promptly cut Texas education budget even though he was given $830 million for education. He purposely screwed Texas students. Of course he'll complain about spending. After taking the stimulus and stealing $830 million from Texas students.

    Last year American taxpayers gave business $1.9 trillion in tax breaks and we have 10% unemployment. Hell over the last 10 years they've had those breaks.

    Thanks to all those tax cuts the dollars is in the toilet. A dollar U.S. used to get a $1.50 Canadian. Now it won't get a whole dollar CAD. So now all imports cost more. Oil is paid in dollars so now a barrel of oil costs over $100. The majority of our oil comes from Canada.

    Bush left a 10 trillion bill behind and for the reason above Obama added $3.5 trillion. All 14 trillion needs to be paid back. Yet Americans are still holding out their hands for tax cuts and complaining about spending. All at the same time.

    It's just so damned sad how some people can be so easily blinded by hate, stupidity and b.s. they can't see the truth and reality right in front of them.

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    I think it was the Progressives, which are in both parties. They are looking forward to a new world order. A world without borders. Which is why they don't do anything to close or guard our borders now. Bush was guilty of this and so is Obama.

    Obama thinks globally and wants a one-world government. It will happen some day. But he knows that the majority of Americans would not accept that. So it must be forced. Collapsing the economy is the first step. Read Cloward and Piven.

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    No, our economy was actually destroyed by the Capital Holders who were so blinded by their own short-term gains that they failed to realize there is such a thing as a Capital Cycle in an economy.

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    You got that right, as far as union power is concerned. Time and time again we have seen higher taxes stifle spending. Why then don't liberals get the message and at least consider the alternatives to higher taxes.

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    We are taxed at the lowest rate in 60 years across all tax brackets.

    Amazing how confused you people are, always trotting out your favorite boogie men. You are like frightened sheep.

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    Lets review. The tax burden is the lowest in 50 years.

    Union density is lowest in 50 years.

    Regulations have largely been eased over the years.

    What do you think?

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    Libs and Cons are both equally guilty. Deregulation is the reason why we're in trouble now.

    Signed, A Liberal.

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    Yep...liberals think they are ever so progressive when really they are childhood wanting a nanny state to take care of them...they are pathetic really...they don't know how to take care of themselves so they go around whining for the rich to do it or someone else cause they can't get out of their mother's basement and get a job...oh wait, their president hasn't created any...oh but wait, the rest of us have one, so they can get one too.

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