is Michigan State University a good school?

I want to apply here it seems like a really pretty campus and good study abroad program and about every major I could possibly be interested in. but i want to go to a well ranked school. i either want to go to msu or ucla- by transfer.

my question: is MSU that well known and established as a school? and should i just transfer to ucla? which looks better? i also want that college experience. please help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    MSU has fine academics and a reputation as one of the best places for a "college experience". If you are a Michigan resident, there is no need to waste money paying out of state tuition fees at UCLA or any other public university. If you are not a Michigan resident, you can get a fine education and college experience at your own state university for much less money. There is no advantage in going to a well ranked school below the top twenty, and for some career paths, such as medicine, it is often better to go to a school where it is easier to earn A grades, than to a more difficult school.

  • 9 years ago

    MSU is pretty well known throughout the country. It's not as well-respected as The University of Michigan, but it is still known. It does have a good Study Abroad department. UCLA is higher ranked than MSU. MSU is also in East Lansing, which is the state capital of Michigan but nearly as exciting as LA. It is probably more affordable to living MI than LA though, and MSU is also a pretty big party school.

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