is this green day book usefull ?

i am going to get the green day Official guitar tab book and i am wondering if its any good.Are the solos included? whats the pitch the book is set in? and is it accurate?


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    I have played that book at Guitar Center before. It is interesting, but it's nothing you can not find on the internet. I would suggest going to or somewhere like that. Its free and if it doesn't sound right, go to the next tab!

    In that book, the solos are included. On wake me up when september ends, it has all three guitar parts which was interesting. It also has it written out on the clef if you are interested in learning to read music. (It's super useful for learning to read music). If you have a band and are interested in actually playing them at a gig, then i would suggest getting the book, but if you are just playing them by yourself, go to the tab websites.

    Not sure what pitch the book is set in considering I do not own it.

    Source(s): I play bass guitar violin and percussion for over 10 years.
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    It should be good if it's official maybe compare it with any of the tabs on or

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