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I cant get rid of my dogs ear infection! Help!?

We rescued our puppy from the pound when he was 13 weeks old, when we got him he had a really bad ear infection in his right ear so we brought him to the vet.

The vet said he had a bad infection in his right ear and his left was mildly affected too. The vet gave him SUROLAN ear drops, along with prednisone and antibiotics to be given twice daily.

We did this religiously until they ran out, he seemed a lot better but a few days later his ears started smelling funky and he started scratching his right ear again.

We brought him back to the vet and she said he only had a slight infection in the right ear and the other ear was fine (both of them smell but the right one only seems to bother him). She cleaned his ears and gave him a shot of a long lasting antibiotic. She gave us more SUROLAN ear drops to be given twice daily.

We did that and now the bottle is empty and a few days after it was finished the puppy started scratching at and holding his right ear weird, plus it still smells.

We cant afford to bring him to the vet again till at least the end of the month. Why wont this infection go away?


He is a Bichon frise mixed with Jack Russel.

Update 2:

The surolan is supposed to work on earmites too.

Update 3:

It cost us 78 euro the first time and 44 the second time. We are really broke right now so it sucks. But we will bring him when my mom gets paid.

Update 4:

The surolan is supposed to work on earmites, yeast infections and bacterial. I will get more drops from the vet tomorrow and try again. Hopefully he will give them as a repeat prescription or something. I doubt just one course of drops is going to clear it up though. :/ Is there anything (natural) I can give him along with the drops that might help?

Update 5:

Is there anything (natural or otc) I can give him along with the drops that might help?

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    Vet shouldn't charge a fee for refilling the prescription, ask them to call it in to your pharmacy, then go pick it up, my vet does that all the time.

    You'll just need to pay for the ear drops.

    Did the vet rule out ear mites and make sure it's a yeast infection? Ear problems can be either and the meds are different for yeast or mites.

    However, infections like that can be very stubborn and require several weeks of ear drops, so call the vet and either get more of the drops or have them call it in to your pharmacy - keep using the drops until the infection is gone.

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    I don't think the vet should charge again.....but back to the real world.....

    I wonder if he might have ear mites. This causes bad smell too. If she treated for infection I don't think this would get rid of mites. The mites could be causing re-infection also. That's all I can think of. But puppy needs resolution. Ask vet about ear mites.

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    I have the same problem with my dogs. They smell and gets hot and itch a lot. Took them to the vet done the treaments and it keeps comming back. Right now I use zymox and it helps. You can try it. It aids in the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa due to bacterial and yeast infections.

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    Water down some hydrogen peroxide and rub his ear out with a cotton ball or swab.

    Source(s): Ear infections in floppy eared dogs suck and this is what we do.
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