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LJ asked in SportsHockey · 10 years ago

I BET you don't know hockey.?

Say today you were given $10,000 and you had to place a bet on who was going to win the Stanley Cup for the 2011-2012 season. You have to make your bet today, and you can not keep any of the money. You have to put the full $10,000 on one single team. What team would you pick, and what's your reasoning behind it...If you win you get to keep half of the money, if you lose well...lets just say don't lose.

Based on these Odds from an online gambling site:

Vancouver Canucks 5/1

Boston Bruins 8/1

Washington Capitals 17/2

Philadelphia Flyers 9/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 9/1

San Jose Sharks 9/1

Detroit Red Wings 12/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 12/1

Chicago Blackhawks 15/1

Los Angeles Kings 16/1

Anaheim Ducks 22/1

Montreal Canadiens 22/1

Buffalo Sabres 25/1

Nashville Predators 25/1

New Jersey Devils 30/1

Phoenix Coyotes 35/1

Calgary Flames 35/1

Carolina Hurricanes 35/1

Dallas Stars 35/1

New York Rangers 35/1

St. Louis Blues 45/1

Toronto Maple Leafs 60/1

Ottawa Senators 60/1

Colorado Avalanche 65/1

Edmonton Oilers 70/1

Minnesota Wild 70/1

New York Islanders 70/1

Winnipeg 80/1

Columbus Blue Jackets 90/1

Florida Panthers 125/1

BQ: Alex Morgan or Hope Solo?

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    You Black Entertainment Television I dont know Hockey?

    I would bet the wad on LA... I have picked the cup champ the last 2 years the during the off season..

    BQ* I would pick hope and i would keep my fingers crossed that her dad let her barrow the millenium falcon for the night..

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  • Joanne
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    5 years ago

    Not really, and I have lived in Vegas for 15 years. I suck at picking hockey winners. Just usually bet the futures: "Who will win the Stanley Cup" for a joke. I do well with college football and baseball though. The sportsbooks here don't see much income from hockey betting, probably why Vegas is even being considered for an NHL team.

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  • Matt
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    10 years ago

    I am a huge Kings fan and I don't like to get too optimistic for the next season and I will refrian from considering LA.

    That being said I would have to go with Pittsburgh. They have won the Cup recently, will most likely have Crosby and Malling back etc. etc. The team I am on the fence about would be Philly because I have no idea how they are going do with their revamped roster

    BQ: Alex Morgan definitely, she was the youngest on the team and was the first to score a goal. I still like Han Solo, just a little less than Morgan though.

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    Tampa and LA both have very appealing odds and I think they both a shot at the Cup, but I have to go with Pittsburgh.

    IF Crosby, Malkin, and Staal are all healthy this season then watch out. The Pens lost over 300 man games due to injury last season and still managed to have the 2nd best regular season in their franchise's history. Crosby was on an absolute tear and I think he was a bit upset that he had to sit out the rest of the season, so I think he wants to show the league what he can do. Not to mention that he now has a solid winger in James Neal who could probably pot 35 or goals goals on Crosby's wing. They have a great top 4 defensive core with Letang, Orpik, Martin and Michalek. Then add in Fleury, who had one of the best seasons of his career last year and is only getting better.. I think the Pens have a great shot at the Cup this year.

    BQ: Hope Solo tickles my pickle.

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    Since I only get to keep half of the money, I'm not betting on any of the elite teams, i.e. Vancouver, Boston, Washington, Pittsburgh and San Jose. And since you are implying that something bad would happen if I get it wrong, I'm not betting on a complete long shot. So I would have to go with the Chicago Blackhawks. At 15/1 odds, I'd get a pretty good chunk of money, without running the extreme risk of whatever it is that would happen to me if I get it wrong.

    BQ: Alex Morgan, no question... http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/p...

  • 10 years ago

    The Nashville Predators.

    Rationale: Looking at where the teams are versus where I would personally calculate the odds, I mentally grouped teams into overrated, about-right, and underrated. All of the teams with greater odds than the Preds are either overrated or about right. I would place the Preds' odds at roughly 18:1, making them the first underrated team on the list.

    If I was going for the the most underrated team overall, I'd go with Winnipeg, who I would put at about 50:1. But I'll take my chances with the underrated team who has an outside shot of making it, rather than the outrageous payday that should really just be a large payday.

  • Oh my goodness LA. With those 16/1 odds, that's the biggest payout for a legit team very capable of winning the Cup. Kopitar, Doughty, Brown, Quick, Gagne, Johnson, Williams, Scuderi, Stoll, Greene, that line-up right there is just loaded with passion. Some of those guys much more "skilled" than others, but no shortage of passion. Penner's received some criticism recently, but he's still a great piece to add to those guys I mentioned before, too.

    Gotta take the Kings with their prowess and potential payout if they win.

    BA*: Alex Morgan. Younger, and Hope Solo's attractiveness declines the closer you get to her face.

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