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Shirley Maclaine and Frank Sinatra?

What was their relationship? I know they were friends, but did they also have a romantic affair at any time?

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    As far as I know Shirley Maclaine has never been connected with Frank Sinatra, other then acting together in films. I did however, check the internet and found this little bit of information, which confirms no she did not have a relationship with Frank Sinatra:-

    Husband: Steve Parker (producer, b. 1921, m. 1954, div. 1983)

    Daughter: Stephanie Sachiko Parker (actress, b. 1-Sep-1956)

    Boyfriend: Robert Mitchum (actor, dated 1962-65)

    Boyfriend: Pete Hamill (writer, cohabited early 1970s)

    Slept with: Yves Montand (French actor, dated while making My Geisha)

    Slept with: Danny Kaye (actor, reportedly mid-1960s)

    Slept with: Olof Palme (Swedish Prime Minister)

    This is just a bit extra that I came across:-

    She was reportedly once groped by President John F. Kennedy, and commented, "I would rather have a President who does it to a woman than a President who does it to his country." MacLaine later became active in politics with Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 presidential bid.

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