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How long does it normally take to have a broken wrist seen to in an NHS hospital?

I am writing a novel in which one of the characters needs to be out of the hospital in a certain amount of time (about 3 hours or so) in order to catch a train. However, he is escorting his sister to have her broken wrist seen to in a London NHS hospital. Would he be able to do this? Would he need to stay with her? Is there one hospital that is better for waiting times than others?

Thank you.

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    Hi there,

    Are we talking about having an operation of having a diagnosis?

    Diagnosis: patient goes into A&E, registers detals, waits a while and is seen by a nurse for initial assessment to determine severity of 'case'. Patient then goes back into waiting area. Time elapsed = 30 minutes (during the day). Patient gets assessed by doctor who decides they need an x-ray to determine whether there is a fracture; doctor writes request card and sends patient to x-ray department, where patient books in at their reception and waits to be seen. Time elapsed = 2 hours. Patient has x-ray and returns back to A&E, takes a seat and waits for doctor to assess x-rays before calling patient back and discussing results (we'll say straight-forward fractured distal radius NOT requiring surgical intervention). Time elapsed = 3.5 hours. Patient escorted to plaster room where a cast is put on and follow-up appointment is made with the Fracture Clinic, before being discharged. Total time elapsed... 5 hours. The time I think would be typical of London during the daytime; say, initial admission at 1pm.

    If your character was going into hospital for an operation to correct a fracture surgically with either a k-wire or Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) plate, then they would be admitted into theatre, have the operation which would last 30-60 minutes (if it's straightforward) and then would have 3-4hr recovery period before being discharged. There would be no logical explanation for the brother to hang around during this time if he needed to catch a train... as the operation could take 2 hours or longer if the surgeon had problems. (K-wire insertions are for more straightforward jobs, and ORIF plates are for more 'unstable' fractures.)

    To directly answer your questions: Yes he could escort her all the way throughout the process, with the exception of going into the x-ray room with her (radiation protection purposes). He wouldn't need to stay with her at any point in the process, unless she's young and needed adult supervision (and he was an adult). As for waiting times, it's so unpredictable. The hospital where I work (I think you've already figured out that I work in one) has waiting times that fluctuate significantly on a day-to-day basis, because it is determined by the complexity of the cases that come through the door. e.g. someone involved in an RTC (car crash) will take a lot more of a doctor's time than your character. For complex cases, sometimes 3-4 or even 5 doctors will become involved with one individual who has numerous or complex injuries, and this can make the difference between someone else being assessed and sorted out within 2 hours or 7 hours. There might be an hour's wait just in the X-ray department in some days, whereas others it's quiet. You just can't predict it.

    I would suggest you not using a specific London hospital in your novel, as there may be future legal implications, especially if you plan on mentioning things like waiting times or basically anything that shows them in a bad light. Your publishers may also request that you anonymise any places specified before going to print, although I have no idea about that so don't quote me on it!

    Hope this has helped a little - good luck with your novel!

    Source(s): Personal experience from an NHS Foundation Trust 'up North'
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    Hello, I am an Orthopedic surgical procedure resident. Don't fear I do not consider you'll be there lengthy. It all depends upon how complete is the emergency division and if there are priorities in different phrases folks that very ill, they as a rule cross the ones in entrance. It additionally is dependent if the ER healthcare professional is aware of learn how to forged or desires to forged. Usually whilst this can be a wrist fracture the orthopedic medical professional or the orthopedic technologist lessen the fracture after which forged to make certain that the bone is in position earlier than casting. If its very suffering complete ask for analgesics. It's average care they usually will have to now not deny it. My bet is that you're quite often going to be there four-five hours probably much less (all of it depends upon the sanatorium and the quantity of sufferers they have got). You may have the solid quite often for six weeks so be sufferer. I'll provide you a tip, ask for a water resistant forged, they're first-class (they do not have them at a few hospitals). Good good fortune

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