Statistics major vs finance/business econ double major?

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I was wondering whether I should go with the statistics degree (B.S. mathematical statistics) or finance/business economics double major? My current plan for after college is to get my CFA, and become a portfolio manager someday which, of course, could change at any notice. I plan on taking a few econ/finance classes if i go with stats for the CFA either way.. Which major would be better for my career aspirations? Ive read that it is a better idea to get a math degree solely because of how it teaches you how think more analytically.. is that true or would I be fine with a business degree? How hard is statistics vs finance/econ double major? Oh and at my school, Ohio University-Athens, the business school is much better than the math school... which one should I go with?

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Sorry one more question! My school offers a B.A. in mathematics which doesnt take as many credit hours compared to the other math majors. Do employeers care if you get a B.A. instead of a B.S. in math considering it is easier?

Thanks again for any advice!

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    Math and finance double major seems like your best bet. You will have the finance background and math skills to get a decent entry level finance position and the math background to get into a good finance grad school (be it MBA or MS), which you will probably need if becoming a PM is your goal. Maybe your school doesn't allow that combo, which would be too bad, since it will set you up for your future goals better than the finance/business econ will.

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    Finance And Statistics Double Major

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    If the math degree is fewer credits, it is probably likely that it is a frequent choice for double majors. I think statistics/econ would be a great combo. Statistics/finance would also be good. Definitely do the math though, it is true that business school is too easy if you truly are interested in learning (check out this article about business vs. other majors)

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    4 years ago

    Just don't worry about it. For about 5 years, I was the math department faculty advisor to all incoming Freshman who declared that they wanted to be math/econ majors (it was a specillay design major). In April of their sophomore year, I would schedule them all to come in and see me and say "OK. What is your prospecive major and who do you want me to send the folder to?". At keast 9/10 would say some other department completely unrelated to math/econ. Study what you like and what moves you....

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